[a] 12/12 M Nya | <BlameRoll> on Proudmoore - NOT RECRUITING CURRENTLY

The goal is to get CE every tier.

Current Prog:
12/12 M Nyalotha
7/8M EP (Ashvane pre-nerf) - P3 Azshara
7/9M BoD
5/8M Uldir
Legion Prog: 10/11M - Guild formed in Antorus

Raid Schedule:
Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:30pm-9:30pm PST (9:30pm-12:30am EST)

Loot Council:
Loot awarded based on performance, attendance, and who will benefit the most. We use RCLootCouncil for loot trading.

Goals: CE every tier on a 3 day schedule

What we offer:
-Guild provides feasts, cauldrons, and vantus for raids.
-Mythic Plus focused players (several Keystone Masters)
-Competitive raid environment with experienced high level players

What we expect:
-Be willing to take criticism, but not being toxic
-Players that prioritize mechanics
-Not looking for people that only log on for raid
-Come prepared to raid with pots, runes, and having done your M+ for the week
-Players who understand that composition matters, and sometimes people will be asked to sit either for comp or gearing reasons

Optional: Alt/Friends and Family raid on the weekend with a focus on AoTC

Recruiting: Talented applicants always encouraged to contact us

Can apply for our mythic team here:

The link is available on raiderio and wowprogress, since Blizzard won’t let me post links. If you’re smart you can figure it out from this.

https: // apply wowaudit com / us / proudmoore / blameroll / main

Even if your class or spec is not listed, we encourage you apply anyway. More detailed list of needs on wowprogress.

Add me if you want to chat:
GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord.
or Zander#1312 for our Recruitment Officer on Bnet.

433 Spriest 3/8M LF Guild
(H) Area 52 - 460 Hpally LF Raiding
5/8 446/449 Hpally looking for Mythic Guild
5/9M rsham/hp/mw/rd
7/8M Warlock looking for CE guild for 8.3 and SL
Active,Alliance Player looking for social and active guild
408 Fury Warrior LF Guild
[A] ProudMoore Looking for Raid Guild
[A] <BlameRoll> 7/8H 8/8N EP 7/9M BoD LF Fire Mage, Moonkin, and Warlock
[H] Returning CE Duo LF Mythic Guild/ Will Transfer / Any DPS or Tank class
428 Boomkin 3/8M 8/8H LF Mythic Raiding Guild
413 Holy Priest LFG
6/8M Balance / Multiclass Player
435 Hpally looking for mythic raiding guild
430ilvl Hpally neck60 lfg
435 Fury War OR 435 Resto Druid LF Guild
8/8H 437 Fury Warrior LF Mythic Raiding guild
[Proudmoore] 445 Frost Mage LF heroic focused guild
4/8M Balance Druid With ALTs LF New Home
Definately not looking for a guild anymore
LF Weekend Casual Guild
407 Shadow/Disc Priest LF Chill AotC Group
<Proudmore> Looking for guild
Druid looking for guild
423 Fury Warrior LFG 7/8H EP CE BOD
7 people looking for guild
[A]<BlameRoll> 2/8M 8/8H LFM for Sunday Heroic Group
[A] 3/12M Nya LFM <BlameRoll> Recruiting for this tier and beyond
440 Alliance Mage LF AOTC Guild
436 Prot War Looking For Guild
Lfm or merger/group for mythic palace 7/8h
432 ilvl 8/9M BOD 7/8H Assas Rogue lf Mythic Raiding Guild
428 ilvl resto/balance druid LFG
[A] <BlameRoll> 1/8M EP 7/8H LF a few strong DPS
Closed Now
429 8/8H DPS monk LF Mythic guild H
Holy Paladin or Mistweaver LF guild
420 DH Havoc LFRG
[A] 2 friends looking for a Weekend raiding Team
422 Paladin LF AOTC Guild
LF Mythic Guild 430 Fury / Shaman alt
[A] <BlameRoll> 3/8M Looking for more for Sunday AOTC group
1/8M 429 ilvl Balance/Resto Druid LF Mythic Raid Team
[A] 430 Sin/ 428 Out Rogue LF Mythic Raiding Guild
[A] <BlameRoll> 1/8M 7/8H LF Fire Mage, Moonkin, Fury War, and Rogue
Deleting this
433 fire mage 8/9M EXP LF mythic raiding
439 3/9M War lf CE focused guild
[A] <BlameRoll> 5/8M LF Fire Mage and Warlock
LF Guild 436 Resto Druid Alliance
5/8M Disc priest
[H] 4/8M Elemental Shaman LF Mythic Guild
3/8M EP 7/8M BoD 445 Holy Pal LF Late Night Raid Team
[A] 438 Fury Warr LFG 3/8M XP, 65 Neck
3/8M 438 Fury warr LF M guild
D e l e t e i t d a d d y
434 ele shaman lfg 3/8 m
440 Holy Paladin LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Deleted post
[A] 432 SPriest LF mythic EP progression
434 boomkin/resto druid LF mythic raiding guild, former US top 2 raider
3/8M 441 Fury Warrior LFG
[H]Players looking for a new home
iLvl 411 Balance Druid Daggerspine LFG
3/8M Resto shammy & Feral druid LFG
3/8M CE raider LF new home. 9/9M last tier
(H) 5/8M 440 ilvl CE Fury War LF Guild
Mythic Raider Holy Paladin Looking for New Guild
Returning Disc priest looking for guild
[A] Mythic Raider/M+ LF Home
4/8M EP EXP - 437 Fury Warrior LFG
[A] <BlameRoll> 4/8M Orgo(25%) LF Brewmaster, Strong Ranged DPS, and amazing healer
[A] 4/8M <BlameRoll> LFM for Sunday AOTC crew
Alliance boomy LFG
Delete thread
446 Holy Paladin 67.5 Heart 4/8M 95+ Logs
434 Affliction lock lf late night or weekend raid
6/8 Mythic disc priest LF guild for 8.3
438 Lock 4/8M Exp
439 5/9M DPS Warrior LF Guild
441 ELE sham LF 4/8 or more guild
[H] 443 Mage 4/8M LF New Guild
[H] Disc/Shadow Priest LF Mythic Guild
4/8m CE xp Spriest lf 2 night guild
Deplete this post
438 Boomie LF home. 3/8M
4/8M player MS Holy seeking long term guild
4/8M fire mage and disc priest Lfg
LF Active Social Guild
Warlock lf Guild
442 4/8m 9/9m prot paladin lf mythic guild
435 SPriest LF raiding guild
Delete This Please
435ilvl hpally lfg
Found one ty
2/8M Lock LFG, Wed/Thurs raid times
441, 3/8m Boomie LFG
Delete pls <3
14 year flex player looking for a home
8/8m Boomy LF guild
Holy pally 5/8 mythic looking for a new guild
[A] <BlameRoll> 4/8M Pre-nerf (4% Orgo) LFM
439ilvl, 65Neck, Mage, H
[A] Four 3/8 M raiders looking to xfer
440-443 ele/resto shaman lfg
433 MW or 432 Disc/Shadow LFG
4/8M Ele Shaman Looking for guild
439 3/8M Lock
[LFG][A or H][US] Mage player looking for 2 hr OR weekend H raiding/M+ guild
439 3/8M Lock
Holy Priest 445 4/8M
438 Ele 435 Resto Shaman LF AOTC Guild
Delete me please
442 Lock LF Raiding Guild(A)
DUO looking for CE guild (WAR Mage/priest)
5/8m WW Monk LF Guild
5/8M holy/ret LF raiding guild prefer Alli can play horde
7/8M MIstweaver Monk Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
Demo Lock LF Guild
6/8M Boomkin LF mythic guild
449 RDruid LF Mythic Guild
Returning, 417 Warrior, Experienced Raider, Looking for Heroic Guild
2/8M Holy/Disc Priest
HPal LF 2-day CE, 4/8M 445 ilvl
Horde 438 Lock LF raiding guild
5/8 M Ele Shaman LF Guild
Healer/tank looking for a heroic raiding guild
Rogue looking for mythic guild!
Two late Heroic/ early Mythic prog players looking for guild
Returning player looking for a guild
4/8M, Mage lf horde guild
[H] 439 Rogue 5/8M LF active prog guild
[A] 435 Warlock returning LFG
3/8M HPally LF guild
430 Multi Cutting Edge Warlock Lf Guild 5/8M EXP
[Removed by User]
420+ ilvl Warlock (Playing 14yrs) LF LateNight PST PvE Guild
BrM/WW Monk and Spriest LF Raiding Guild
LFG Rerolling Alliance Ele Shaman
430 Ilvl Lock lfg
Take Down please
440 Shaman LF Guild
Returning Raider Needs Home
Found Guild
437 3/8m mage lf raiding guild
Fury warrior 437IL 6/8M LFG
7/8M Brewmaster and Shaman (Resto/Ele)
Range dps looking for guild
[A] Mage LF CE Pushing guild
434 Benthic / 439 mage looking for guild
[A/H] Tank/Lock Looking for Guild
447/442 Lock/Enh LF Guild
Warrior LF Mythic Guild
3/12 M Havoc DH LF Guild
[H] Frost DK LF Semi-Hardcore Guild
Fury warrior 3/8 mythic lf guild with good prog
Top 80 US Hunter or Rogue LFG
448 disc/shadow 7/8M xp
Please delete
Returning player LF guild for 8.3
Delete please
[A] 443 Gaurdian / Resto druid
7/8m ele/resto sham LF new guild for 8.3 and beyond
Plz delete this topic ty
Prot / Ret Paly LFG Ilvl 463
466+ Rsham and mage lf guild
[a] 466 uh dk lf guild
452 competent rogue looking for raiding guild (ally)
Closed - 464 Druid Looking
Druid and Shaman LF Guild for M+ and Future Raids
Stormrage - Alliance Looking for Guild - Warlock
- disregard
465 AOTC Destruction Warlock LF Weekend Mythic Raid Guild
470 Destro Lock 12/12H LF Mythic Guild
3/12 M LF Hpal or Rdruid
4/12M 470 BM Hunter
CE Experienced Mage LF raid/Mythic+ home
Warrior Looking for semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild
6/8M HPally LF Home [Extensive Raid Background]
Very Experienced Raider LF M Guild
[A] 4/8M (Orgo 24%) Immediate spot for a talented Healer
441 Gdruid/437 Boom OS, 433 Brm LF guild. 3/8M
[H] Raiders looking for a new home

LETS KILL SOME NAGA BOSSES! cant wait for raid


I’m looking for a new home. Consider my application here:

Also, check for my DPS running a simulation on RaidBots to check if I’m close to your guildmates. If so, I think we can continue talking about it.


Thanks for the interest, but I think we’re going to pass for now. Good luck to you.

If your looking for a fun guild who progresses quickly check us out

New raid hypeeeeee

come join for 8.2

new raid soon lets go! cant wait for tuesday

2 days and counting…looking for a few more ranged

Bump for the start of season 3 tomorrow.

What about a tank? If you could use one hit me up Spanks#1861.


letssss gooooo.

Normal is down lets go!

Looking for CE quality players, lets talk.

Mythic comes out this week let’s get it!

Looking for the best of the best, or someone who wants to be that person!

If you’re looking for a guild that’s old enough to not feel like you’re on 4chan but young enough to get stuff done… this is the guild for you.

join up for mythic

still looking for more range.

WTB CE quality players, leet dps, exceptional tank, and a flex dps/healer.