6/8M HPally LF Home [Extensive Raid Background]

I’ve been raiding Heroic/Mythic since Cataclysm & I’ve owned this game since Vanilla. I started raiding Mythic when it came out & was a GM/Raid Lead of a top tier guild until Mythic EN where a full time job and running a guild could not coexist.

I have been a Holy Paladin going on 6+ years. I switched to a hunter 6 months ago as I thought I’d try something different. I went 5/8M when I realized that I just Hate my hunter and so I’ve gone back holy paladin.

I know how to show up and I show up prepared. I never like to make the same mistake twice and I am always willing to learn and better myself. I want to be a part of a community as I do love this game and the only way to enjoy it is with friends!

I enjoy Mythic + and pushing keys as well.

444 Hunter:
Visioned - Sargeras

435 Holy Paladin: Immersive-Lightbringer
I have logs for both characters.


  • 1-2 Days Max
  • No Fridays & Saturdays & Mondays
  • I am willing to go Horde for the right guild
  • Must be after 6:30PM MST (Arizona Time)
  • Please be around 6/8M with a solid Roster


Hello Light,

{Reprieve} on the thrall server is a guild experienced is 5/8M . Most of us have ether CE experience in the past and/or present. Looking to finish our Mythic raid team with semi-hardcore progression 2-3 nights a week. Current schedule is Tues/Weds Midnight (12am) to 3am EST. Third night may be Thursday or Monday based on raid team’s availability. In our off times we run plenty of high keys and alt raid run. We’re currently recruiting for 8.3 and possibly trying to finish up ep.

Mythic Raid Team Recruitment:
High: Warlock, Boomie, Spriest, Ret (With Prot OS)
Medium: Death knight, WW Monk, Mage
(But applicants may be considered based on skill/exp)

Healers - Hpally (But applicants may be considered based on skill/exp)
Tank - Closed but applicants may be considered based on skill/exp. Preferred strong dps os

Mythic raid team members are held to a high standard of performance. You must be capable of surviving encounters with minimal failure damage and maintain proper DPS/HPS for your class. As we recruit we do look at logs to see how you perform so please have some ready to view when applying. Anyone falling below tolerated levels (based on logs) or causing wipes may be replaced or removed from the raid team roster. Also having a strong OS or having an equal alt is highly recommended for raid comp. We HATE to have people sit because of inability to adapt (I.e. Both of our raid tanks have multiple mythic ready tanks toons.)

Add on’s:
DBM or Bigwigs
ERT (exorsus raid tools)
Angry Assignments (Mostly for healers)

Recruitment is open to all for social and mythic+ runs.

To discuss more with me please add:

Healing specific people who are interested please add:

I only want to raid 1-2 days!

Still looking!

No Turning Back 6/8 M EP

We are a small guild on Sargeras that has an active community both in game and on Discord. We are active during off raid nights with mythic+ and other in game content. We are a 2 night 6 hour a week raiding guild with intentions of achieving Cutting Edge. We have built a solid core and are looking for a few more raiders to add to our community and roster. We like to joke around and pick on each other all in good fun, but when it comes to progression we know how to change modes and be serious to get content down. Our atmosphere is extremely important to us, therefore we have a zero drama tolerance. We are looking for long term raiders with a competitive drive and a desire to always improve.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:30-10:30pm CST (Invites are sent out 10 minutes prior)

• Complete at least 1 +15 key per week.
• Have DBM/Bigwigs, AngryAssignments, and WeakAuras.
•Keeping Heart of Azeroth neck levels competitive, grinding out corruption resistance on legendary cloak for 8.3
• Be on time for raid invites with consumables which includes pots, food, flasks, and runes.
• Knowing your class. Keep up to date on the latest and greatest talents, azerite, essences, and gem/enchant combinations to perform as well as possible on each fight.
• Research on each fight for your specific role/class is required.
• Sign up to raids on the in-game calendar.

Attendance: We are looking for competent and reliable raiders that can maintain a 90% attendance rate. We are all adults with lives outside the game so we do understand that things happen. Our policy on missing raids is to notify an officer before raid, unless an emergency occurs.

If you are interested in joining add my battle tag or discord info:
Bnet: Ash#11430 Discord: Celesaris#7924

LF A strong healer for 8.3. Lets talk.

Short version: Mythic Guild LFM Raiders committed to getting CE.

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord

Only looking for 2 days =/

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Bump. Light is a good friend and I used to raid with him all the time. I’ve since been too involved in school to allow time to commit to raiding, but I can vouch that he is both hilarious out of raid and professional during

Thanks man!!! Still looking! Let’s have some fun!

If you’re still looking for a 2 day guild we have a spot for a soild hpally come 8.3. Spam info below.
Sellouts - Illidan(H)(6/8M EP) is currently recruiting! We are a close knit community looking to add a few key players to round out our raid team with the goal of CE this coming tier and for all future tiers. Outside of raids we also have an extreamly active guild that includes quite a lot of m+ and pvp, and alt raids of both current and older content. We pride ourselves on being friendly and inclusive while still being laid back and enjoying our memes.

We raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm realm time (9-12 EST) with optional content on Thursday.

Current Recruitment Needs:

Disc Priest
Holy Paladin
Shadow Priest
Destro Lock
Ele Shaman with Resto OS

Strong ranged with a healing offspec

We are ALWAYS looking for strong, mechanically minded players so even if your class/spec is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us to chat anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you would like to chat or looking for more info please feel free to reach out.
Contact Info:
bnet: görz#1428
Discord: Gorzy#0643

Ascended [A] Dalaran Looking for people to join us as we push for CE this upcoming season. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in a consistent semi hardcore guild!

Bnet: Upris3r#1143

Thank you!