[A] 3/12M Nya LFM <BlameRoll> Recruiting for this tier and beyond

Looking for solid players to add to our mythic team. Looking at all roles. Can always find our most up to date needs on wowprogress. If you’re interested, send me a message and we can chat.

Short version: Mythic Guild LFM Raiders committed to getting CE.

Link to Guild App can be found on our Raiderio page and wowprogress

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord
Recruitment: Zander#1312 on Bnet

Bump for reset day.

Still looking for more.

2/2 H - CoS. Come join for Mythic

Come for the free hugs!

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Tach may give you hugs, I may not

Wait there is hugs here

I’m not hugging you Wraela

But I have cookies

Only hugs for new people. Come join for Mythic tonight

another great week of raiding done. come join for next week.

reset day hype

Always recruiting

Guess what, we’re always recruiting :slight_smile:

still looking for more.

Always recruiting

Always looking for talented players.

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dont be shy come join us :smiley: we dont bite