Warrior Looking for semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild


I just came back to the game during patch 8.3 to play it seriously and crush the content. I have been playing the game and raiding since Vanilla. In Vanilla i played a shaman spamming chain heals, during the burning crusade expension i played a mana batterie shadow priest and during Lich King I was one of the 2 tanks of the guild raids. So here i am trying to gear as much as possible with the willing to push content, but the guild i am in currently does’nt allow me to fulfill that goal anymore. I have gotten AOTC with them and 2/12 Mythic, but i don’t see it going much further than that for various reasons that i won’t mention here.

So here is what i am looking for and what you can expect of me:

I am looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the alliance side preferably.
I am willing to transfer to any server.
I am willing to do 2-3 raid nights per week, east server time.
I want to push mythic content for what is left of patch 8.3 and Shadowlands.
I bring my own consumables and i am ready in time for raids.
I can raid from 7pm to 2 am, sunday to thursday.
I study the fights before the raid happens.
I am respectful, mature and take critisism.
I play a Warrior and don’t plan on changing class.
I am currently Ilvl 471 Fury for PvE, Ilvl 470 Arms PvP and Ilvl 471 Prot off set.
I am willing to switch specs for the raid/guild needs.

I hope to ear from you soon :slight_smile:


What raid times are you looking for?

I can raid from 7pm to 2 am, sunday to thursday. Good point i forgot to mention it O_o

Hit me up for a chat Aeaa#1101

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Vodex is an Alliance guild on Proudmoore that’s been around since 2012.

All raids are between 7 pm to 10 pm Pacific time (so that would be 10 to 1 am Eastern time for you). We are actually looking for a fury warrior for the mythic team. Having an off spec is a plus. Forgot to mention we’re 3/12m and currently working on Shad.

Add me on discord if you’d like to chat - Baconbuns#8537 or you can contact me on bnet - Baconburger#11507

Hope to talk to you soon.

Hey there! ORCA is a Dalaran Alliance guild just finished up 12/12N and 12/12H in a matter of 3 weeks of raiding and we’re looking for more dps to finish up BFA, attempt mythic, and full send into Shadowlands. We raid on a relaxed 9 hour schedule of T/Wed/Thu 8-11 PM EST and alt runs are on Sat 8 PM. Our raid environments super relaxed while being serious when killing bosses. We have a good group of raiders ready, but more dps the better. I hope you can add me on Bnet to talk more about our guild and whether our guild is a good fit for you. Kae#11715

Unleashed raids on Sargeras, currently 6/12 M and best pull on Vexiona is 18%. Contact DoN2#11317 if you have any interest in trialing.

Hey there Phik,

We currently do not have a warrior in our guild so we are actively seeking one that wishes to come join us. I see that you put your end time at 2am, but I was hoping that you may have some wiggle room with your end time.

{ Reprieve } 5/12M on Thrall [Horde] is looking to rebuild our mythic roster. As with most guilds near the end of an expansion, we have lost members due to burnout and other personal reasons. We are looking to reform our mythic roster and continue progressing in Nyalotha with semi-hardcore progression 2 nights a week. Our current goal is CE before the Shadowlands. Looking for the last few dps to continue pushing mythic (1 new boss this week with recruits and 2 pugs)

We are currently raiding Tues/Weds night at 12am (midnight) to 3am EST. (9pm-12am PST). If this time slot works for you, please let me know.

Discord : Nephlim#6908 (Preferred)
Bnet : Nephlim#1798

Hey Madamizzy,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, its is appreciated.
I’ll be honest with you, I do not want to go further than 2 am. At 2 am end time of the raid, it is already streching it out for me. Ending it at 3 means less time to sleep before work everytime time, every week and at some point i won’t like it anymore.

Thanks again!


Hey Phik,

If you are still looking for a guild Kiss My Crits on Stormrage is always looking for good dps. We are 4/12 mythic and our raid times are tuesday/sunday 8-11 est. We are a semi-hardcore group looking to push for CE. We are a pretty chill group and we do a lot of other content outside raids including mythic plus, pvp, and old raids.

If these times work for you let me know.
Btag: Greatwish27#1593

Good luck in your search!

Hi There, going to drop our info down below.


I wanted to talk to you about a potential core spot in our 20man Mythic progression team. We raid Tues, Wed, & Thurs from 8-11pm EST. We’re currently 5/12M Ny’alotha. When we raid, we have a work hard, play hard attitude. Since we have such a short raid schedule, we’re very efficient with our time. We are looking for strong players to fill out our raid team. If you’re interested, please add me on real-ID at DOC#1356. Ill also leave our forum spam below.


Baldazar, Gm of Act Naturally, Sargeras

Np, figured I’d try. Thanks for the response. Good luck with your search. Hopefully you can find a chill group :slight_smile: