[a] 12/12 M Nya | <BlameRoll> on Proudmoore - NOT RECRUITING CURRENTLY

come join the fun. WTB boomkin

Recruiting all roles, looking for CE quality players.

Looking for some leet DPS

Still looking for them deeeeps

join today for a good time. still looking for range

Bump for 2/8M and Azshara dead :slight_smile:

Bring deeps, or they’ll make me do it. Any great players welcome though.

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Where’s the big DPS

come join for a new week of raiding.

Need some more Big DPS. Lets go :slight_smile:

Looking for phat dps for Ashvane :smiley:

join up for raid next week. still need range dps

Ranged or Melee, just bring the DPS.

A fury warrior, moonkin, and flex ele/resto would be sweet :slight_smile: Fire mage too :fire:

Need big dps for Ashvane and beyond.

Looking for strong ranged DPS and a Fury Warrior. A flex Ele/Resto shaman would be great too :slight_smile:

Ashvane prog, lets goooooo :smiley:


Please give me leet dps

looking for all the deeps. where you at?