465 AOTC Destruction Warlock LF Weekend Mythic Raid Guild

Hey everyone I’m looking to get off my currently Dead server and away from all the pugging as I am starting to lose my mind with the
lack of coordination. I am a quick learner and love to get constructive criticism to better myself as a player. Looking for an active guild that does mythic/heroic raids and M+. Parses available on request.

Nyalotha 12/12 5th week Pug
EP 8/8 3rd week Pug
SoS 1st week Pug
BoD 9/9 10th week Pug 3/9M
Uldir 8th week Pug

Times: (PST)
Fri Anything after 7ish pm
Sat Anytime
Sun 12-3pm

Always looking for new talent, if you’re interested, fill out the short app.

Short version: Mythic Guild LFM Raiders committed to getting CE.

Link to Guild App can be found on our Raiderio page and wowprogress

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord
Recruitment: Zander#1312 on Bnet