What if Brigitte doesn't use her shield to bash?


This Brigitte hate just never ends isnt it?


I don’t believe that anyone who thinks shield bash is completely unpunishable have ever played Brig. The shield is stick width. At melee range, an enemy only needs to take two steps to the side to get an angle past it. And Brig already can’t follow up and do the brawling she wants to do without dropping the shield. On top of all this, the shield had its HP cut meaning you can focus it down easier before she gets into bash range. Explosives hit through it…

There are seriously so many ways to deal with this already.


I would prefer her to just headbutt with her huge head.


It’s not hate.

I think it’s a reasonable suggestion that address some of the common issues people have with her.


But why make her worse when shes already balanced? before? it was understandable, now? its just ridiculous that people want more nerfs (bad ones btw)

(Geoff Goodman) #7

We do have one shield bash change we are playtesting right now, which is likely to hit the next PTR: Shield Bash no longer going through barriers.

This means it is a lot more tricky to land a clutch stun on an enemy Reinhardt, for example, but you can still use the ability to close distance and land melee hits to trigger Inspire.

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So no plans to buff Orisa?

Just keep Reinhardt as the #1 picked tank? ATM his only real counterplay is CC, which he himself has a team wide 4 second duration stun CC himself.

Why even play Orisa if people won’t even use her for her intended purpose to block CC. The last thing we needed was for Rein to be even more of an uncontested pick… If people don’t like CC they should play the tank that has CC resistance :confused:

Like he is the complete king of tanks… why more? Why does Rein need to become even stronger than he is already? Why can’t we have Orisa be a better option who literally has been designed with CC immunity…


What a terrible decision if I am being honest.

Edit: I assume Doomfist will no longer be able to punch through shields either then?


How do you guys feel about the state of Doomfist?


Wow. That’s drastic.


Thank youuu!


Amazing change! Now you’re going to have to outsmart Rein, just like McCree does.


That could be good. Interested to see the impact on the game.


Thank you Geoff! Ignore the haters. We appreciate the communication.


Lol, how would this work exactly since Shield Bash is a melee type of ability?


This is something a good chunk of the community has been asking for since day one, and it should add skill/counterplay to the Rein v Brig battle. This is a fantastic change, thank you so much Mr. Goodman. I am always impressed with what you guys are able to come up with aside from direct number buffs/nerfs. It’s changes like these that truly balance the game.


Presumably it bashes the barrier instead of just going through it.


How are we haters? Seriously?

Reinhardt atm is the undisputed king of tanks, why aren’t we looking at Orisa?

like I don’t understand how this makes me a hater when I’m literally wondering why we are giving the KING of tanks MORE MORE MORE and MORE when other tanks literally have had CC immunity in their design.

Why are we giving the king more?


Bless this post


The shield should just take 125 damage if she hit someone, that could solve some problems