The Brig nerfs make me so happy

welp, actualy that will be good change for doomfist, finnaly rein will have at least one thing to protect himself, especialy if doomfist can block rein charge and have his charge back before rein to finnish fight off, or just simply survive reinhardt pin and after that kill rein.

GASP! What logic is this? Don’t you know, Brig is a overpowered monster that wins every fight and is so braindead that my father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate can win with her! /s

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In that case, might as well block everything from going through. Punches, Genji dash, Tracer jumps, you name it. Make Trump proud.

Yep… A hero is totally balanced when a Silver player can put enough pressure on Gold/Plat player to make them have to play at a Diamond level to play one of the most difficult heroes in the game.

Please stop posting.

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tracer actualy will get less from that nerf because she can just go around rein and rekt him ez. Genji, im not sure, but he is not like rein counter so i dont think thats anyway his job to kill him.
Also getting mele to death because you try to block your team from snipers is not that great feeling when you have your shield up XD

Its actually in playtesting right now. Depending on how the devs feel about it, there’s no guarantee that it will make it to the game.

I mean Gold/Plat players are not really world beaters when it comes to player skill so it would be easy to clime there…

Then that player is silver as well


Or incredibly bad

We can all discuss this like adults.

The whole “/s” thing is getting silly.

People that aren’t happy with this change are either Brig mains or are ignorant to how bad it is to be a main tank in this meta.

Exactly. So either it’s all allowed, or none of it is allowed. Otherwise, more stupid s*** is going to make its way into the game in the future.

So dont allow any of it, you can walk trought barrier anyway and mele because there is space between rein and his shield to do that
The only problem gona be mele atacks from reinhadt and brig, they should ignore bariers.

Let me introduce you to goats then

There’s nothing wrong with some heroes having exceptions. Every hero can bend a few rules to help with balance and make a hero feel unique.

Yes. That will go swimmingly on maps like Temple of Anubis.

My guy, you’re advocating a hero who’s greatest skill to master is not falling asleep before you win the game.

So excuse me if that really doesn’t inspire confidence in the idea that you have a healthy perception of what skill is or is not.

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I dont know what you have in mind, but im happy when i think of idea that im not gona be punching bag for doomfist when i play reinhardt, its worse that watching phara and having nothing to shoot her down.
To be honest brig was never problem for me, only doomfist is just to much, i just hate that guy

Constant battle of attrition? Sounds like the most boring version of ow possible.

Yes, but only if the exceptions make sense kit wise. So why is one melee attack, out of every other melee attack, suddenly not going to go through a shield? This isn’t like Genji’s deflect on Rein’s hammer because deflect is actually unique.

Dont start with me on the skill thing

I literally could not care less about this skill thing everyone makes a fuzz about

I just play the game, i counter pick and win

I dont start whining due to " ohno x hero killed me no skill blabla"