The end of Brigitte?

Shield bash will no longer go through barriers


Explanation please?.

This definitely need to be tested on the PTR as I don’t understand how this will go about since Shield Bash is a melee based ability.

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Geoff made a post saying that Brigitte shield bash will no longer go through barriers.


There’s really only 1 or two cases this will apply in. I’m not super thrilled about it, but I’m not against it either. We’ll see how it plays out on PTR.

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People need to see this when they claim the developers ignore the forums/players. This is a suggestion from the community


Aww dang they’re listening to the delete brig cultist


If they were really listening to the cultists they’d delete brig, this is their way of trying to appease everyone.


Brigitte shouldn’t be able to out-duel Reinhardt 1v1. Not just for balance but also for lore/PHYSICS.

No more mindless shatters now

The Reinhardt player has the option to get away from Brigitte, but if he continues to fight her and dies then it’s all on him.

She isn’t able to do it right now, and this I say as a Rein main. if you are losing to a Brog on Rein, you are bad.

This nerf is unneeded actually.


they’re doing it so brig doesn’t stun-shut rein anymore like how south korea did every time in the OWWC


So they have been nerfing her over and over and over. If they take away what was supposed to be a counter for mobility, can they at least buff her healing? She will become useless soon.

And yes I hate shield bash with a passion as well, but it’s the only thing she’s even worth picking for.


“Zarya used bubble, in 3 I’ll stun and you shatter for ez teamfight win”.

This is a thing of the past now? Christmas has come early.

Anyway, anything that makes her more “peel oriented off healer” and less “swedish Zarya” is good in my eyes.


didn’t know tracers have a personal shield so brig cant one shot her anymore


I don’t like this tbh, how about the shield takes about 150-200 damage if she hits someone with it?

still won’t be enough and even if it breaks the ally rein will still hit the shatter so it doesnt matter if she has her shield up or not after

And it only took from her release until now to get it done. I guess saying it over and over in the endless threads finally caught their attention.

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