What are your thoughts on the Brigitte changes?

What are your thoughts?

Honestly think its overkill. Even with that being said people will still not be happy because the only hero that actually benefits from this is Rein. This will cement him even further into the must pick category. (Rein nerfs are likely coming to be honest).


True, but the fact that shield bash is being used on a sheilding rein to open the way for your team is what’s winning a lot of team fights. This would be a really good nerf to her.

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It’s completely inconsistent to other melee ability rules now, melee abilities should go through shields no matter the character, i honestly think it’s a terrible change.


Good. It opens the door to nerfing heroes other than Brig (looking at the Tanks and Supports and some DPS).

But the issue is now that no other tank will heavily benefit. Meaning that just as it is now. Rein will be even MORE needed for a Brig on the enemy team.

It’s just Blizz catering to the vocal minority that trolls these forums and screeches because they refuse to git gud. She’s been nerfed multiple times. Pros even say that the problem with goats is the dmg out put of tanks. But I suppose enough gold ranks reeee’d loud enough and papa Jeff is tired of hearing about it.

Also a direct buff to rein who DOES NOT NEED IT.


don’t think it changes much.

Was about to say the same thing, it’s not really fair Brig gets stopped by shields but other melee abilities go through.


I feel like brigitte doesn’t need changes. She’s balanced in terms of numbers. What she needs is someone who can deal with her that’s not going to get obliterated before they get the opportunity.

im ok with this, because she cant freely drop reins shield yet remains a backline threat she will be used as her original purpose now: counter flankers. the space argument was always nullified by the fact one needs to fight on the objective and thus brigs could control engagements by force of presence alone. now the two main tanks (rein/orisa) both have ways f stopping a healer from controlling a push.

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You can’t be serious

Mcree needs to land his Flashbang around the shield (usually on top ) if he wants to stun Reinhart, that’s call “skill” also he puts himself in to a suicidal spot (Frontline)

This change will stop braindead brig players to just YOLO SMASH+FLAIL BYE REINHART! abuse.


Massively overkill. Lots of folks celebratin because it means she can’t bash Rein out of his shield, but they’re not considering that this means it’s more difficult for her to bash Winston–and, by extension, Dive as a whole since Winston’s shield is a cornerstone of dive comps. Though, of course, I’m sure a lot of those same folks don’t care that much :man_shrugging:

She will almost certainly need buffs if this change goes live


They need to keep focus on Doomfist or Tracer first.

It’s also going to make her terrible against other tanks such as orisa and winston just because she effected Reinhardt’s shield more.

If you died to Brig as a Rein this nerf will not help you much.


I hope she at least gets to move through barriers when bashing, even if the stun part is stripped away when touching them. Having the character itself get stuck on barriers is gonna feel annoying, I think, it’s definitely inconsistent with established mechanics

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coupled with the reaper and hog buffs dive wont make a comeback, if they did it right. and dive was never a thing below masters anyway. now it wont break the balance of the world cup hopefully.

DM isn’t a shield so Brig can still stun D.va and interrupt her easily. Against Winston just flail and push him out of the bubble.

Think a little before posting desperately.

In Tracer’s word: “Faantastic!”

I main support but flexed to Reinhardt one time because we needed a main tank. It was awful. Endless cycle of CC. After 2 minutes I didn’t even care about losing sr I just wanted to leave, and if I didn’t feel responsible for my teammates I would have. On the second round I just instalocked Mercy.

Brigitte is hated by a lot of tanks and supports and every time some Brigitte defender say “it’s just bad Tracer/Genji mains complaining about their counter” I wanna slap them silly.

This change does nothing for flankers but helps tanks immensely. I wanna see how they can blame it on flankers again “if it weren’t for those whiny flankers, Brigitte would still be able to ping pong Reinhardt six ways from sunday!”