Brig nerf suggestion:

while pharahmercy is the biggest counter to brig, its def hard to get damage in when there are other shields on top of her’s along with defense matrix. being able to combo tracer is necessary as before brig she was just rampant with little to no counterplay against even decent tracers.

1st: put brig shield bash on 11 or 12s. theres no need for a stun that is in every way better(duration of the stun, easiness to hit) than mccree’s stun (10s iirc) to be on a 6s cooldown which is almost half of his.

the rest are optional and not all have to be implemented:
2nd: if the bash hits an enemy or wall, the shield loses all of its hp, or at least like 300-400 or whatever. therefore there’s more risk involved when surrounded, but still safe when used against a lone flanking tracer or genji.
3rd: the velocity of sheild bash is slower but still goes 5meters
4th: surefour’s suggestion:

any other ideas?

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Just to check, are you aware that Princial Designer Geoff Goodman has posted an update a couple of hours ago for a planned adjustment for Brigitta?

yeah i just saw that, ill edit my original post

Title of the thread should be changed in “How to kill Brig. My suggestion:”

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