Brigitte makes playing Reinhardt awful

This thread is seven months old, folks. Nothing to see here.

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Brig wasn’t need in overwatch. She broke the game. We already had Sombra and McCree, but devs decide to kill Rein. Fell sorry for brig and doom were released.

Rien cant kill brig?.. hold on let me lol… Hes like her best counter. /thread

Fixed. Sorry you had a bad typo.

This for sure.

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Lol did u get rekt by Doomfist

Nope has nothing to do with anything but the fact that he is single handedly destroying the game.

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This can be said about any hero

IIRC this post was made when Doomfist was considered basically a trash pick due to his bugs so I didn’t really feel annoyed at him. He’s always been really annoying though, even since launch (especially when he had a punch hitbox the size of the bus on numbani)

it is
it makes her a must pick

You know what I see in that clip?

A D.Va on the other side of the payload Matrixing god-knows-what while the enemy team deliberately focuses her Rein. Watch what happens. That was a calculated team play. Brigitte dropped the shield, Zen discorded him, and then the entire team focused him. Rein’s D.Va off to the side wasting her Matrix on nothing when shielding him for those two seconds would have kept him alive.

It is. For example, if I walk towards a Rein and he Firestrikes me before I’m in Bash range, I lose a third of my health right off the bat. If I continue to attack him after that, I have no armor and roughly the same health as a Tracer. Even IF I Bash Rein, he will officially win the war of attrition.

“But what about Brigitte’s team?” What about Rein’s team? If I’m not playing Brigitte and see her walking towards my Rein, I punish her and save him as best I can. But going into more detail is impossible without talking about specific comps and specific circumstances.

We did it boys. It took 8 months, but… thread closed. Its done. The nerf she needed is probably going to PTR.

Praise Jeff Geoff.

Now Rein will make playing Brigitte awful. You got what you wanted.

I can live with that after Reinhardt mains have been literally tortured for more than half a year.

If she needs buffs after this… she can be buffed. But I still think she’ll be good soloqueue even after this just for destroying overconfident squishies.

Hope you enjoy GOATS Being even stronger now

I really don’t care if one strategy is super meta. I care if playing the game at all will be fun. And having some counterplay to being stunned by Brigitte is a net increase in fun, so I am all for it.

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Positioning was the counterplay.
If you’ve got a bunch of ranged damage with you, Brigitte has to retreat with her shield up, i.e. slowly.
By extension, anyone who wants to can stay close to her and keep hitting her as she retreats back into her team, dealing tonnes of damage. Her shield will buy her only a short time, so she can only go so far from her team to bash Rein.
If Rein takes a few steps back, Brigitte has to overextend to bash him, and will take a lot of damage herself possibly getting killed.

I hate when people say this.

Being forced to stay at range to deal with Brigitte is not you countering Brigitte. It’s Brigitte countering you.

If you can’t do something, especially if that something is the thing your hero generally wants to be doing most of the time (For Reinhardt, that’s generally being up close and personal) then you are being countered.

Sure, doing something else might be dealing with the problem, but it’s not countering it. They’re separate things.

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Not all heroes can easily counter all heroes, sometimes you have to accept having to play slightly differently.
But for some reason everyone expects every hero to be able to easily counter melee heroes, Doomfist and Genji get the same treatment as Brigitte.

Sure, you might have to step back into a slightly better position if you see a good Brigitte player; but without a shield or very unpredictable movement, you literally cannot enter the view of a good Widowmaker player unless you get the drop on them. That sounds like a double standard, but no one says Widowmaker is unfair, just doing her job.
Being level with Doomfist and in range of rocket punch will hurt, shield or not. If you see him, and aren’t a tank or Bastion, you need to stay near cover or far away. Once again, far more area denial than Brigitte, but apparently this is acceptable (except tanks complaining about stuns, since they don’t instadie).

I can accept Brigitte countering Reinhardt, if Brigitte was meant to counter reinhardt, but she clearly wasn’t designed that way. She was made to counter dive, so to have her counter something else is kinda… dumb.

You can if you have a tank to protect you, which you should most of the time. Any of the main tanks can protect you from widow, maybe not 100% of the time, but they can if you play smart. You don’t have to sacrifice your role for this either, as there’s really not many heroes that lose out by having a shield in front of them.

Doomfist makes playing rein feel bad too. Not as much, since he’s generally more vulnerable, predictable (his stun needs to be charged to do any real damage) and his punch is a skillshot. Not to mention he usually prefers hitting squishies if possible. But he’s a different issue tbh and I won’t bother going into him here.

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If you wouldn’t mind, let me correct your title for you.

“Brigitte makes playing Overwatch awful.”

There you go! :slight_smile:

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