I love you for that change

Rein will feel soooooooo much better after that, even if the game was balanced without it


Now there is actual counter-play against the ability that usually starts off the CC chains, because there was little you could do about it before. Even if you counter pinned you were likely still going to die and/or get chain CC’d. Now Rein v. Brig is an actual skill fight, where the Brig has to either get the Rein while his shield is down or walk past his shield. Alternatively, a Rein can react with a quick barrier flicker to counter act a shield bash. This is fantastic.

And to those saying this is a buff to Rein: This is actually a nerf to Rein. Yes, Rein just became better against Brig, but Brig was the main hero enabling Reinhardt/Deathball compositions to begin with. With this, we should start to see a little less Deathball and, in turn, less Reinhardt. This should open the door for Bunker and Dive comps to gain some much needed ground on deathball.


I dont care about rein but can they do the same with rocket punch? i hate seeing my rein get smashed into a wall just cause he’s doing his job as a tank (holding shield up)

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Doubt it, and I’d say that it would be a bit too much.
DF got his nerfs already, and you can counter RP with charge, because of it’s cast time (DF can also bait you by letting go of it).

I feel it’s a fair matchup, especially now that you can charge at him after he uppercuts you.

This is not a confirmed change. All you’re doing is setting yourself up for disappointment if they find it’s too technically demanding to make it work or it doesn’t actually work out balance-wise.

Now Rein will be OPAF. Like he needed to be even more mandatory.

I generally trust them with stuff like that, maybe that’s a mistake, but eh, they’ve been solid with their promises

We’ll see in a few weeks, maybe months after it hits live, but it will surely make our lives less miserable

This is an awful change… It will kill Brigitte and without her around Dive comes back in full force. Looks like all the complaining worked. Once again the community pushed terrible balance into the game.

No. Even if Reinhardt hits the wall, Doomfist accomplishes nothing. If rein is getting punched by him so many times, then that’s the team’s problem. He gives a warnings and has no way to protect himself.

Displacing a main tank isn’t “nothing”, but it doesn’t matter, I hope they don’t change the interaction between Rein and DF.

They already have it playable on their test servers.

Rein will die without Brigitte around. Dive meta will come back and only Winston and D.Va are viable in those kinds of comps. Wrecking ball feeds too much because he lacks mid to long range mitigation. We’re going back to a meta in which only two tanks are viable.

Brig will still counter Tracer and Genji, and without them dive doesn’t work so well. Further, she can just walk through Winston’s barrier, not that it matters since it doesn’t last 3 seconds against a Deathball anyway, and D.Va doesn’t have one - so she’ll still be effective against them.