Brigs getting a nerf we can appreciate

devs have stated brig can no longer stun through shields, finally no more ultra tank bullying

(thanks awesomedude2 for the link)


That is fair so long as the shield bash cooldown is undone (back to six seconds).


No. The sheild bash CD needs to be increased further along with this nerf. In fact, remove that stupid ability altogether. “Mindless clicking for big reward pls”


i like how people think that nerfs need to be balanced out by equal and opposite buffs

like, why do we bother demanding balance changes at all if we don’t actually want the power levels of heroes to change


No way, I literally posted about this a few days ago and people were whining saying how it was balanced and she should be able to initiate fights as a healer.


well itll hit the ptr so we have time to test and tweak, im just glad, as a tank, that I don’t have to struggle with engagements where a brig is involved because while by herself she isn’t much but making me helpless every 7 seconds when im on the front line makes it hard to keep my team alive.


Brigitte getting a nerf which was unneeded by any tanks worth their skill. I never had any problems with her when playing main tank, I don’t know how the game must be when you lose to a Brig on Rein.

You already jumping in excitement about a balanced hero made worse, but it will be tested first, so the devs will have the final say over it, and it is not official yet despite what you claim.


Of course u never had a problem. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Youre a brig main. Btw 6 hours on brig and ur stuck in Plat :thinking: XD


so what, I should you know, not be in front on the point? where brig can easily be found fighting? ive killed plenty of brigs but shes way too easy to get value from


You don’t even see yourself how you treat other people, right from the start, and then you wonder why people call out the #deletebrig for being unfair to other people playing a hero and getting hate for it, just because you dislike a hero. I main Rein, not that it matters to you in the slightlest.

With that attitude and having the #deletebrig agenda in mind, there is not much to discuss further with this attitude.

Exactly how much effort should every hero require?

I’m sensing a little bias here, as you have 6+ hours of her in competitive, compared to everyone else that you have less than an hour on, but in GM+ she’s a real problem, it’s horrible having her walk up to our teams rein, stun him through his shield, and then have a earth shatter follow that up, it feels completely cheap and unavoidable, this is a very welcomed and needed nerf.


I am sensing someone is intentionally making a whole lot of accounts. I have 110 hours on her in ranked on actual data, and yes I play in Plat with her and get countered, and if it does not suit your picture of her being so OP, that is not my fault, because she gets countered easily even now.

unavoidable? what is happening when she is walking up to the rein? is nobody doing anything to stop her?


So it’s going to be the only melee ability not to hit through shields?
That’s so frustratingly inconsistent.
Is there an actual link to this statement?

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usually shes behind another rein nd if you don’t have a brig in that situation you lose. now mind you id also like more then just rein as the de-facto tank but being able to use one of the only viable shield tanks (im not sure what we can do about orisa she has this issue with her mobility and being map dependant) but this will help tanking feel less of a chore.


I hate Brigitte too, but there’s no need to shame someone’s rank.


Brigitte isn’t even that strong. Ashe is released, reaper is buffed… I really think she’s getting stealth nerfed as the meta shifts (same as Reinhardt was non meta but didn’t receive a single buff since then).

Unfun does not equal unbalanced… these are the same ludicrous nerfs that dropped Ana from meta to f tier for years


while anti-nade is a pain ana never really got buffed, she just kinda filled a void mercy left. but we will skate over that …… topic for another thread. ana still has very manageable counterplay. brig influences the highest tier of play as a brig can turn a failed shatter into an easy 6man shatter.

Okay then they need to make rocket punch and other CC not be able to hit thru Rein’s shield either

Also, you can still WALK thru enemy shields so what’s to stop the Brig from taking 2 extra steps forward and bashing while inside the Rein’s shield