Destory Brig's barrier on bash

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The issue with this change is:

  • There are many barriers in this game, not just Reinhardt’s. Orisa’s barrier. Winston bubble. Another Brig’s shield. This would make the character way more awkward to play and just restricts the kit. This change would feel bad.

  • This introduces inconsistencies with other interactions in the game. The bash is a physical ability. So do other physical abilities get affected by this? Melee? Rocket punch? Reinhardt’s charge? Likely not, so we are introducing this exception because the character is unfair.

I would much rather Brig’s shield get destroyed upon a successful bash. Perhaps even disable her shield regen for an extra second or two because it recharges so fast. Add some high risk to using the bash, just like Reinhardt’s charge.

This is WAY worse.


Lose two abilities for the price of one? Sounds like… Well it sounds like something anyway

I much rather take the devs nerf than this


It’s not supposed to be pleasant. It’s supposed to add an element of counter play.

More like the element of deleting


it adds a risk but at the end of day no real way to prevent the stun so yeah it really doesn’t add counterplay

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This would make her pretty useless…

The counter play is if you stun at the wrong moment you have no protection and get deleted from the team fight. The same applies to Reinhardt already. If you miss the pin or charge too far you are dead.

Then you can be forced to play with it for a couple of months and see if you have the same opinion afterward.

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That’s not adding counterplay lol

That’s like trying to add counter play to rein by breaking his shield on a firestrike, it just makes using the ability actually useless

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but you’ll have no protection anyway so like I said it’s a risk reward and a terrible one at that but not counter play counter play would be a way to prevent the stun from happening in the first place this change is not that

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You wouldn’t compare fire strike to bash. You would compare charge to bash. By damaging or destroying the shield, it adds the same risk to Brig that Reinhardt has on a failed charge.

Perhaps counter play was the wrong description. High risk high reward is what the community has been asking for, and adding risk to bash does that.

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I mean, it makes sense…the only stuns that work through barriers are Doomfist’s. Flashbang doesn’t work, hook doesn’t work, hack doesn’t work, etc.

I guess I see the inconsistencies, though. Brigitte’s stun is a melee-based stun, it isn’t a ranged stun like Flashbang.

People need to understand that this affects all barriers, this isn’t just a Reinhardt situation. So this would include other Brigitte’s, Winston, Orisa, Symmetra, etc. If anything, it adds more value to Doomfist’s niche of a CC-brawler and also adds more risks to decision-making with Brigitte. We’re all complaining about how “easy Brigitte is to play, but she has no risks and such a high-reward.”

Well, here you go.

Do not forget that this nerf is only going to affect the stun itself. NOT the damage it deals and Inspire will still get triggered.

Exactly this. Well said.

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Then revert her bash back to 5 secs.

I think that would be an inevitable change if what I’m suggesting got implemented. IMO, I would rather they had done “barrier gets destroyed on bash” before they changed the CD. But, CD’s are tricky, and I don’t have a stance on that per-sey. I’m sure it would get some sort of adjustment, especially if shield gen were disabled for a duration after a bash.

Stuns need high-risk, and they need to come with consequences if the timing of using it is a poorly made one. The only person in this game who doesn’t get punished for a bad stun is Brigitte.

Nah that’s way to much, the shield damage should be about 150 - 200HP damage tbh

That’s extreme risk for moderate to low reward

I think it should get destroyed if it hits a target. But if I were to compromise on that at all, I would say it gets outright destroyed when hitting a tank vs a tracer. The larger the mass of the target the more damage the shield should take.

Low reward? Here are some high reward opportunities, even with the destruction of the barrier:

  • Stopping ultimates such as Death Blossom, Coalescence, Whole Hog, Earth Shatter, Minefield, etc.

  • Stunning an enemy Reinhardt in tandem with your own Reinhardt. After the stun, fall back behind his shield.

  • Stopping resurrect.

  • Killing Tracer and Genji on the back line.

You get a lot of the same value as current Brig does, but you get punished much harder by poor positioning and bad decision making. Currently you get away with way too much.

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