So, Blizzard... About the #DELETEBRIG movement

In all honesty they probably have to wait and see how she is going to fit with Ashe in the game and how players are going to use her against Brigitte. If the “movement” is sincere and actually don’t want her deleted, but balanced, then I would say just be patient.

Fyi, you’re basically trying to blackmail the developers into acknowledging this meme, which sets an even worse precedent.

As the “ForumBrig” meme isn’t consistent with actual in-game Brigitte, it’s pretty understandable why they’re not arguing with memesters all day.


“We think brig is fine, If anything we are giving her a buff”
Would that really make people calmer?

Because fortunately they don’t give into internet tantrums.

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You can’t say they don’t give into tantrums when the Roadhog situation happened

They just did lol

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Brilliant! i just found out myself and i couldn’t be happier about the devs just talking to the community like this. They don’t always have to agree with the loudest voices but simply ignoring them will only work to make them louder (which is why i wanted them to acknowledge the movement in the first place).

Road could hook someone from the other side of a wall, Brig has never been that broken and people who brought it up like adults were listened too. There are not going to delete a hero because someone threw a fit.

The Mercy “feedback thread” says hi

Err, i meant the damage changes not the hook fixes, poor wording on my part, sorry.

I don’t always agree with them and I have expressed discontent toward things that seemed questionable to me, but the devs are human beings. If you want a dialogue with them, then be civil and respectful. No one wants to communicate with childish and spiteful tempers.

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People have been suggesting brig balance changes ever since she came out to no avail. I can’t say I agree with the sentiment but I can see how frustrating that would get

Just hoping this is somewhat the end of the hate. Doubtful, but fingers crossed

Symmetra would like to have a word since the devs did not mind gutting her into uselessness. i hope brig gets the same treatment

I can’t say i would be heartbroken about never seeing a Brigitte played in ranked again but i acknowledge that’s just my bias as a Genji player speaking so i’ll refrain for asking for any massive nerfs, all i want is for every hero to be playable. Right now Brigitte and Moira make flankers virtually unplayable in the role they should fill and i think that’s sad.

Uh-huh. I’m calling BS. It’s easy to say that while effectively pushing for it anyway. A deletion doesn’t have to be all at once. You can delete a hero by gradually taking everything away from it over time, never being satisfied until it’s functionally useless.

The fact that they’ve already done what you asked multiple times shows that you’re either not paying attention or you’re just going to keep asking for more nerfs until Brig is useless.

I’m gonna start a “Give Brig an ability that forces enemies to disconnect from the game” movement. I won’t actually be asking for Brig to get an ability that forces enemies to disconnect from the game though, so you better not complain.

Go ahead and form whatever movement you feel like forming, i doubt that one in particular would get any traction but if that’s truly something you want to do i’ll support your right to do it.


If blizzard nerf hard a hero ?
« QQ Blizzard used AGAIN nerf hammer to fix the hero ! Unplayable ! »

If blizzard is cautious with nerf ?
« QQ blizzard is doing nothing when we are complaining for MONTHS !! They don’t listen ! »

Clearly, devs must be very patient with such childishness and entitled people.


Again, at the cost of sounding like a broken record:
I don’t think blizzard doesn’t listen or anything like that, I’m just baffled at how they can go ahead ignoring something that went so viral so quickly with several players at the top levels of the game spearheading it. A prepackaged PR response like “We heard your grievances and are looking into Brigitte’s state in the current, and future, meta” would appease a lot of people and it would only take about 30 seconds.

I still dislike that they released a hero that would require so much nerfs.