If Brigitte Can't Shield Bash Through Barrier

Shouldn’t Doomfist be unable to punch through one?

Shouldn’t Genji be unable to slash dash through one?

Can this game stop being so inconsistent please with how mechanics work? Which heroes can and cannot damage themselves is already a big enough headache.

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Edit 2 - This topic is concerning how this will impact ALL barrier interactions not just Reinhardt based on the quote above Geoff has stated.


The reason that shield bash was an issue was due to it being both instant and difficult to punish without another stun. This gave her a very easy way to stop Reinhardt’s ultimate.

Genji doesn’t have stun, and Doomfist stun requires holding still, a loud wind up and sincce he has no shield he is easily punished by ranged attacks.


I can appreciate your view on why Brigitte needs to be the only person affected by this but I really can’t wrap my head around this on a lore or fluid standpoint of how the game functions.

Brigitte NEEDS to be able to stun through barriers (especially imagine vs a Winston with the proposed changes) or else Brigitte is going to be horribly underperforming soon.

I personally find nothing hard to counter Brigitte players, but I do understand the frustration it can provide Rein players. But think for a moment on how this will impact way too much for her current kit now just like how many healers can’t even heal through a barrier. If it was ONLY Reinhardt Barrier, possibly even Orisa Barrier I could accept this moreso but it’s too much with every single barrier.

This once again has me point to why Genji or Doomfist can hit people through barriers. Doomfist especially interrupts a Reinhardt just like a Brigitte so I mean… why the inconsistency in how you treat the problem?


firstly, genji’s ability is a movement ability, which shields…just don’t stop, and if he happens to hit hte rein, he will deal damage, doomfist’s punch is like being hit by a horse basically, no shield will help you as you will still be knocked back

also, given the situation, it is implied to be a Brigitte v Rein Interaction, and no one else, as no one else is technically a part of their shield

This post is wack because shield bash is a movement ability too, and horse? What lol


Exactly… this is my main problem in understanding why is it this and only this that is somehow needing to be changed? Change it across the board or don’t change it all. Stop making exceptions to specific heroes ughh!


shield bash moves you like a foot…if that is a movement ability, then junkrat knocking himself arounds with enemy grenades is a movement ability, and i say horse because you can’t stop the force with a shield, you are going to be knocked back unless you counteract said force

They are all melee based abilities and all melee based abilities should go through shields, this is like hanzo’s dragon not being able to be damage boosted all over again, it’s just bad and inconsistent balancing.


Because it initiates instantly and she can use it while protecting her front from ranged attacks. This means it’s difficult to counteract and difficult to punish.


But this is the point of her kit. To punish people who are in her face.

If you are seeing Doomfist lining a punch directly at you from infront of you… is this different? You either move, CC, or counter charge him if possible on your hero.

This is going to kill Brigitte… it’s way too over the top to single her out on only.


You forgot that Rein shouldn’t be able to charge in a shield.
Also you wouldn’t be able to punch through shield and Rein’s hammer and Brigitte’s masse should not go through shield either.

That is the worst idea for Brigitte but because a lot of people of that forum cried for that because they coud not play against a Brigitte, except it’s really easy and if they do that Goat comps will be even stronger because you’ll have no way to take Rein’s shield down as you can now.

Also when Brigitte uses her stun, she is VERY vulnerable and she only depends on her team to stay alive --> just use that.

Also how does it work for Winston’s shield, Orisa’s shield, Sym’s shield ? Does she just stops at the border of the shield ? Don’t you think it will only make shield meta stronger ? Isn’t that also what “everyone” is complaining about when it’s not Goats?

And with her recent 500hp nerf it’s just so easy to take down her shield I mean come on just learn how to counter her stop asking for ridiculous nerf.
At this point pleasr make Road’s hook half the range, Genji’s dash not reset after a kill, Sombra’s hack last for only 2s, Tracer’s recall to come back only 2s before and you can go on like that.


Doomfist has to charge up a significant amount of time to do decent damage or even reach you unless you are 1m away, so a lot of heroes face counterplay to that.

Just buff the rate of giving armor to her ultimate since that ultimate sucks anyways.

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Here’s a more consistent idea that i had from another thread


This is my distinct worry. From the sounds of Geoff it’s going to be all barriers as he didn’t say specifically “Only Reinhardt”.

I don’t understand why you won’t be able to shield bash through barriers but you can walk through them.

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Her ultimate is very strong, I disagree. More armor would feel oppressive just like vanilla version of it did.

Only change I can think of so she can do her job more dangerously is give her +25 more armor or something for her personally? I honestly don’t want to consider what she could get to compensate because we know she won’t get anything at all.

Yeah I saw that :frowning:
I think it’s going in the wrong direction because Goats is not lead by the Brigitte.
Goats rely on the insame amount of healing you can do + the insane dps tanks can have
Brigitte is merely and engaging tool in Goats

Or, more likely, Brigitte players will learn how to walk through a shield before bashing, and the impact will be minor.

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C’mon, is armor even really that good? What does it really save you from? Widowmaker? Hanzo? Nano blade? Rocket Barrage? Deadeye? Molten core?..

Doesn’t feel useful to me unless you use it preemptively to protect Zenyatta, Symmetra and Zarya from EMP.