Analysis of Brigitte and #DELETEBRIG

Before I start I just want to say that this is not a hate post or rant, it is simply me looking at Brigitte and how she impacts the cast, as well as why people hate her so much. It will be broken-down into Abilities, and Playstyle.


Passive: Heals 16 HP per second per hit for 5 seconds (Resets 5-second timer after each hit)

The first major issue that many players have with Brigitte is her passive, simply put, the ability has a lot of power and sustains throughout a fight. It is stronger than Lucio’s self-heal (12.5) and allows her, when combined with the rest of her kit, to play more aggressively.

Rocket Flail: Does 35 damage with a max range of 6 meters at a speed of 1 swing every 0.6 seconds

As is normal with close ranger heroes, Blizzard decided to buff their attack because of the risk of being close. Due to her constant self-heal when attacking it instead leads into her deciding to fight and possibly kill the opponent instead of fleeing like other supports. Why run back to my team when I could chase down a low hp enemy?

Sheild Bash: Delivers 50 damage and lasts for 1 second

This combined with her self-heal and raw damage is the root of the player bases hatred, I assume this ability was designed for self-defense but instead is used as a method to engage enemies. (As is seen with Tracer one shot combo.)

Whip Shot Deals 70 damage and knocks opponents away

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So how do all of these things fit into playstyle?


The general consensus seems to use Brigitte as an off-tank, which she is, or to engage directly into the enemy team. With supports typically staying in the back or out of the fight to heal the team, it is almost like fighting an extra enemy. You don’t fight her as a support you fight her a healing tank.

Goats is a prime example of this.

Personal Complaints and #DELETEBRIG

The problem with Briggite is that you aren’t fighting one hero you are fighting two, a support and a tank. While other supports have to choose what to do: Moira has to heal or damage, Zen can choose one teammate to heal and enemy to damage, Mercy has to heal or damage boost, Lucio has to speed or heal.

Briggite can heal the whole team and punish the enemies at the same time.

The self-heal and shield combined with the armor gives her low risk in multiple situations.

What Do We Do?

No, we don’t delete Brig… if her bash stun durraration and self-healing were lower, that would make her have to play more cautious, possibly a slowed movement speed when hitting an enemy. That’s all, it may not seem like a lot, but it would a lot to help her feel like a lower threat.

As far as her combos go, its the same with every hero, if you hit the combo you’re dead we shouldn’t discriminate against her when gengu can dash, right-click, melee.

Sorry this topic is so long, I feel that if we all want to balance a hero we need to talk the specifics of their kit, not be broad and dis the entiraty of their kit.


It actually has a 1.5 second cooldown. It’s roughly every 4-5 swings if you’re hitting nonstop.


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Cerberus, are you aware of this?


??? Genji has to do a complete 180 and hit you in the head to land this combo. If not, hes doing 108dmg at most. That doesnt even begin to compare to the mindless combo brig has.

I have a better idea. #DELETEBRIG. Seems balanced now :thinking:

I don’t know how I feel about the changes.

Lol coming from a genji main. How’s that meme go?
“Brig’s not broken, you just suck at her”

You talk as if it were equivalent in any way whatsoever :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Except i main lucio. Im just objective and use my brain. Not like a console brig main in plat could understand LUL