If Brigitte Can't Shield Bash Through Barrier

Well then from that perspective it never made any sense for Brigitte to be able to force him to drop it.

Dooms ability is meant to deal damage not really stun

Stun me, Waffle.

Can’t we all just CC each other and get along.

Stop making exceptions to specific heroes ughh!
Why? Why would you not make exceptions like that, thats just balancing. Whats wrong with being "incosistent", its a different ability, its casted in a different way.

And if this comes down to some pseudo-lore thing then I just see it as a unique feature of Overwatch shields, where if they collide they negate a reaction.

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I don’t talk balance due to lore, not my style but for others perhaps.

The only thing anyone and everyone could say to this is if they don’t boost Brigitte’s kit in some other way due to how bad this will hurt her it’s going to be GG Brigitte. That is why it’s so bizarre to make this exception, especially when Genji runs scot free through barriers and Doomfist can still wreck through them too… when both of them unlike Brigitte can’t use mobility to get around them as is to begin with. Brigitte in her current kit absolutely needs to hit through Barriers, the only thing they could have done to make this semi-ok is if they gave Reinhardt the only specific Barrier tank to be unphased by it. This exception is the only one you could argue by giving him a new passive if the devs thought someone should be resistant to it. This is just too overbearing of a nerf across the board for a Hero that isn’t capable of enduring so many stoppages to her kit.

Winston will ruin Brigitte in a team fight now hard and Orisa can keep on laughing with this. Even a Symmetra ult will stop a flippin’ shield bash if you walk back and forth between it which makes no sense when both friend and foe can walk through it but a shield smacks up against it lol? All barriers…

The way you’re talking about Brigitte perfectly encapsulates whats wrong with her. Why are you comparing a support hero to Genji or Doomfist (and quick side-note: I want the records to show I think Doom is a little bit broken).

She should play at the core of the team or on the backline shutting down flankers and protecting her squishies, something she can still arguably do too well. This change literally doesn’t affect her capacity to do that at all. And she does it better than any other hero in the game.

When dive returns, and it will with this if no compensation comes, Winston diving will ruin her ability to stop it. That is what is primarily wrong with this. She came in to be a counter to dive (not just Tracer and Genji) and this reverts that idea of her purpose in the game. If they go back on that then why have Brigitte in the game at all.

I’m not a Brigitte main, I enjoy fighting her and on occasion I do like playing her in QP as an off healer when playing with a Rein friend. I dislike how Genji never gets a single nerf to reign him in for people to aim him easier or for him to not be able to damage as easily with his combos and ult. Doomfist will seemingly always be overnerfed or overtuned and they never get Doomfist right either which is unfair to people who main him too to be fair. Doomfist may as well be remade into a tank like some thought about when he originally came out because as a DPS I don’t think he can ever be in a good “fair” place for people to play in a competitive setting.

Winston diving will ruin her ability to stop it.
Well I fundamentally have a problem with this quote because you don't have any proof unless you're from the future. But if we're going to guess things my response would be: how? Stuns as Brigitte would be a lot more difficult to land, sure, but it would still be a better counter than any other hero in the game.

Winston’s bubble is on a 12-second cooldown and has 600 health. It gets destroyed very quickly. In the majority of teamfights there is a lot of time where there is no active shield to get in Brig’s way. And even when there is, there are oppurtunities for Brig to catch squishies offguard outside of the bubble, or hell, inside it.

Sure, a skilled Winston player could place a good bubble that could completely shut down Brig’s capacity to stun (and thats just stun, she can still “e” people and use her passive heals) for a brief period of time. But a skilled Brigitte could still footsy around the barrier or concerve her stun. Isn’t the game in its best state when the player with the most skill comes out on top?

If you are a support player you will understand how bad a dive ruins a team, which is also why dive was so prevalent for so long because it also splits up the two healers from assisting each other generally too.

I am a support main in competitive and as someone who plays Moira the most… once they nerfed her ability to heal through barriers you basically can’t do your job as you are effectively cut off from your job unless a Zarya was on your team to help you / whatever healer needed it more so they can reestablish positioning. Ana has and will suffer the same way except she can potentially sleep dart a Dive from Winston or prevent him from also being healed so it goes both ways then on who gets healed.

Brigitte can’t shift, left click, or shield bash through a barrier after this change. She will be wasting time every time a Winston dives around her area and I’m not talking a Winston alone here, trying to specifically stun the correct target out of other divers such as Genji in the mix is going to be a nightmare. Brigitte using “E” yes will be the only thing she can do which won’t work at high level play as the sole surviving weapon. Usually you’ll honestly try to throw it but the target is already dead and it still goes on cooldown (because Genji will mop up the low HP players as Winston and Dva have at it).

A dive comp means you are better off not playing Brigitte with a post nerf of barriers stopping her. This is the fundamental problem. Zen should always be the off healer response to Dive (especially because once again… Genji) or possibly Lucio if you really know when and how to boop correctly. Not many Lucio do sadly.

And that’s not a good dynamic to have.

Coz at that point, Brigette, a support hero, is more of a threat to tanks than other thanks.

You can’t just be picky about how one person can’t do diddly to a barrier and let the others who are just as oppressive be unchanged.

Brigitte is just an enabler after all she didn’t mop ANY tanks, she doesn’t have the damage. Also, a Zarya could just barrier Reinhardt when Brigitte comes in… and at higher tier play they do… especially if Rein is positioning to Hammer Down ult so it doesn’t get canceled. This is a skill play which exists within the game to counter Brigitte but it certainly won’t be used at all levels of play.

Wasn’t Dive not executed well outside of the top tiers?

Wasn’t Tracer not playable outside of the top tiers?

I am a support main. I almost exclusively play Ana and Zenyatta, I don’t see how thats relevant at all but since you brought it up there you go.

Also I thought Brig was introduced mostly to counter Tracer’s prevelance even outside of dive compositions, where should could just flank and come in and one-clip someone. Brig, after this nerf, would still prevent that.

And she totally can still left-click after this nerf. The change affects shield-bash specifically. Her passive heals would still activate and heal herself and anyone on the same side of a barrier.

And to answer these questions, yes lol. As Seagull said in his newest video, Dive was only a problem riiiiight at the top.

And Zarya bubbles lasts only for 2-seconds, and can be baited out real easy.

LMB doesn’t puncture barrier. We’re talking time here on waste, specially’ when her kit to stop dive and flanks requires the stun to setup the combo.

Seagull did indeed post a video recently which he stated this again and hopefully does get some attention… but I digress… I pointed this out to show an example how Brigitte in general doesn’t get countered as well as she could until higher tier play mindsets. Even then, some people just don’t think of it especially in a solo queue environment.

Brigitte totally can be overbearing if people are all trying to be solo players and not working with a team, heck people said that about Moira for a long time even because they have trouble dueling her in a room with her orb flying around lol.

You don’t bait out an orchestrated move that people communicate and you don’t need any more than a second to do the Reinhardt ult successfully. In the case of stopping a Brigitte stun and not to enable a Rein ult (just to protect barrier from going down) this is reflexes that many players regardless of roles can portray which is what gets them into higher tier of play based on response times.

You seem to fail to understand that in a dynamic where Zarya has to protect Rein from a Brig shield-bash, Brigette is in control the whole time, not Zarya or even Rein himself.

For a single support to have that power over tanks is completely unheard of.

I do fail to understand that because this isn’t true. She isn’t a one man army. The only time this was true was when she just launched and her ultimate was insanity.

I have been in GM in competitive play, I have done Open Division / Scrim games, I have been top 500 in comp FFA (where only 3 Brigittes made top 500 btw) I do not believe in this notion that “Forum Brigitte” exists.

I want to bring up what I said earlier:

Because Brigitte isn’t want made dive become less prevelant, she came in a bit after it fell out of favour. Various nerfs and buffs across the board helped it become less viable.

Well I think this is the end of the argument, because now its just at opinions. Some pros seem to think “Forum Brigitte” exists, some don’t. I do, I don’t know how to settle it at this point.

Tracer got that ridiculous ult nerf which still to this day seems to be 50% what they said it was for which was to counter tanks less and 50% specifically so Brigitte doesn’t get killed as easily from it. This happened right as Brigitte entered nothing happened to Tracer until the arrival of her. I want to say it happened after Brigitte came out even if memory serves me right as they were tweaking Brigitte’s armor amounts from her ultimate.

Tracer most definitely is hard countered by Brigitte. Genji is a soft counter where Genji can and still usually can beat Brigitte once he has his ult or has nanoboost. Doomfist can be controlled to allow the team to focus Doomfist. Dive gets delayed (the tank divers) and can support the second healer to stay alive longer while the team comes to help.

I understand, but least we had a little back and forth of opinions which is fine. None of us are 100% correct in all manners it’ll be based on our own bias and what we have seen and endured in the games we have played. This is why the game is so hard to balance since everything is different for everyone… and if it isn’t then it’s royally bad balance for sure if it’s that glaringly obvious that at all levels of play something is overbearing.

This “forum Brigette” you speak of does exist. You don’t even have to take my word for it. Apparently Team UK has been abusing that shield bash strategy in the World Cup as of late, and it’s enabled them to secure team wipes just with a single Earth Shatter.