Shield Bash nerf doesn't nullify Brig, it increases the ability's skill floor

I play Brig, and actually really appreciate the anti-dive dimension her gameplay provided.

Shield Bash is a high-reward, low-risk ability. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t require skill, it just means it can be used without any great risk to Brig herself.

Not only will this nerf punish bad shield bashes, but it will also force Brig players to consider exactly when and where to use it. It makes an extremely accessible ability more challenging to use, and more rewarding to pull off.

Aside from having to play around Winston and Zarya’s bubbles more, this won’t affect her ability to counter dive, or to shut down ults. It affects her ability to initiate team fights with a low-risk, high-reward ability, and makes her effectiveness on the field more specialized.

I’m reminded of when Defense Matrix’s length was nerfed. I could no longer go around DMing damage all the time, I had to save it for specific sources of damage at the right times.

It’ll make her more difficult to play, yes. But I think that’s what she needs right now.

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