Brig shouldn't stun Rein

Oh btw I just read your edit since I got a like. Here is the dev comment where they said they changed her charge to ensure that it worked the same as other charges. They grouped it into the same class of attacks a while back, and changed her code to work the same. This ended up working in Rein’s favor, but against Doomfist in most practical interactions.

They also changed these interactions so the knockdown happened with sideways collisons instead of just directly headon. Doomfist used to win if she tried to shield bash while he was rocket punching her, but get stunned with no damage to brig if she hit the right angle. Now it always ends in them both being knocked down.

Developer Comments Currently, when two charging targets hit each other, they both fall down and are briefly stunned. You can see this interaction with Doomfist’s Rocket Punch and Reinhardt’s Charge abilities. Brigitte’s Shield Bash previously wasn’t included in this group, which meant that if she used Shield Bash against these other abilities, she would generally stun them and not be affected herself. This change makes it so if she uses Shield Bash against Charge or Rocket Punch, both players will be knocked down.

  • Now knocks down and gets knocked down by other charging targets (e.g Reinhardt and Doomfist)

All three of these are charge attacks. The devs are prioritizing consistency here, or they probably would have changed it when they changed how the knockdown worked. Or at the very least not changed Doomfist winning the headon collision.

I remember some very annoyed Doomfist players when this was made. But most people understood because it is literally ensuring the same type of attacks work the same.

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Thanks, that’s something i can work with.
I should read more Developer-Updates, but after my long break i am pretty out of the loop

Yup. No problem. I can see why people want to change Brig in specific, because Doom doing a charge to Brig doesn’t feel unfair the way Rein vs Brig feels.

But they want similar abilities to behave consistently. Consistentcy in types of abilities makes it more reasonable for players to learn and understand what to do against heroes, which is important in a game where they will constantly add new heroes.

This is why I’m in favor of changing Reinhardt in specific, rather than the properties of any particular type of ability to be inconsistent with their class.

It is easier to understand “Reinhardt has the bulwark skill, so i cannot stun him when his feet glow,” than for a player to try to understand why charges work one way against some heroes but not others, and some charges do x while others do y, for arbitrary reasons.

Welp, it looks like that’s what their doing.

Sooo… with that in mind maybe blizzard should consider an option like the one I proposed to explain why her shield bash now works differently?

Yeah. They said one thing and did another, so they should definitely change it somehow. Maybe revert the knockdown nerfs and change the animation like you said, so that it is properly differentiated from charge attacks.

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My dude… Look at this. I guess this answears the question

Yeah, I saw. It makes no sense. They said they buffed Brig against Doomfist at a time when she was OP because they wanted charges to work similar.

Which makes sense. Having similar abilites have the same properties preserves the long term readability and competitiveness of a game and keeps it accessible to new player. Blizzard has consistently prioritized that and nerfed other aspects of heroes, including Brigitte who received several other nerfs rather than this one, even though it was the most requested since day one.

So why is that being thrown out because a streamer made a YouTube video? The only time it was issue was with Rein, and Doomfist can do the exact same thing to him. So why not just buff Reinhardt?

If the issue is readability and accessibility to new players than there is a neat idea in this very thread to resolve that. :smile:

They need to also remove the restrictions on her that are only there because it was a charge. And do your idea, I guess.

It needs to stop being a melee charge attack. This way there is consistency, which is so incredibly important, especially if they want this game to go 10 years which I think they said before. There would be like 50 different heros by the end of that. If they all work differently randomly, how many people are going to avoid playing because they try it and just don’t get it. They get killed by things they thought they countered and have to learn an increasingly complex and random amount of interactions. I have seen games die because of that.

This issue is bigger than Rein and Brig, ya know?

Maybe she is not meant to pick on Rein. Meybe she is meant to counter flankers.


Maybe she is a frontline half tank, half support hero, which has to engage in a fight to heal, unlike other heroes who can heal directly and keep up with burst. Her RP is on a CD, and has a travel time which gives the target it is intended for the disadvantage of getting killed, before it even reaches them. She only provides consistent low heals, when she commits, and when she does so, she has no way of escape.

Please tell me how long you played Brigitte and at what level, so we actually know what the difference in our experience is. I play Brigitte at high Plat, and I am getting countered on the frontline consistently, with counters to her being Rein, Doom, Pharah, Hanzo (spamming the frontline with Storm Arrow), Junk, Sombra, a reworked Torb and the new released Ashe.

Brigitte is also never meant to be a “counter” to Rein, I don’t even know what makes you say that, because he kills her, not vice versa. And if her team manages the push, it is their effort and the fault of me not dealing with her, or my team providing assistance, just as it would be with Doom uppercutting and/or RP me, another Rein charging me though or just being close to each other makes them put the shield down, or Sombra hacking away the shield.

Oh I didnt expect you to answer. You’ve avoided disscussing the Brig problem 2 times with me now. I just want to know, will you be leaving this discussion early to crawl back into your echo-chamber?

If not, I can provide a more elaborates response. I just dont want it to be in vain.

I answered you every time, and with clarified my position to one of your posts in another thread.

This is funny, with no answer from yourself at my post and the reasons which I provided why I think so.

You didnt answer me dude

You didn’t answer me to a post above yours, in case you didn’t notice.

At least try somewhat with your reply.

Told you this bc you’ve already jumped ship in two other responses I gave you in two different threads. So I was not expecting for you to continue answering. But I would really appreciate a counter argument to those 2 reponses I gave you.

In one of them I literally asking you to prove me wrong.

You refuse to answer on a post, and accuse me of no answering to you, when I answered the post to you in another thread.

Nice strawman, but it doesn’t make an answer from you disproving my statements appear, sadly, so you seem to just be too lazy to write a response, and jump ship yourself.

Whatever, if you don’t have anything more to say to an actual answer posted above.

You pointed out that one of the post you didnt answer existed only when I asked you. You never really provided anything to the discussion. The other response I gave you never got answered either.

So I dont really want to answer to your most recent post, unless you at least aknowledge the points I made yesterday that got just ignored. I would rather keep thinking that I made you shut it up tho. That felt really good.

Stating yourself you don’t even intend to answer a question, while climbing to a strawman and getting personal.
Nothing else to discuss with you, with that rude and uncalled attitude.

Does Brig need a stun at all?

All she really needs is a way to peel dive heroes off of teammates, and kill Tracers.