Even Harbleu agree's

…It’s a stun. Stuns interrupt. It already got the special treatment of being the only melee ability that doesn’t go through barriers, what else do you want?


doesn’t go through barriers? idk about you but i’ve stunned plenty of Reins while their shields were up leading to a wipe. lol

Do what I do when playing against Brig. Wait for her to bash then I blossom. Easy most of the time.
When playing Brig gives me pleasure to know a reaper about to blossom and I’m ready for it.
I kinda wish people would stop asking frlor more Brig nerfs every day.

That said what would you suggest be given to compensate a bash Nerf? Restore original damage? :grinning:


more healing potential since she’s yknow a healer lol.

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I thought she was actually a hybrid mate.


It doesn’t go through barriers.


Hmm weird? maybe a bug then lol.

X to doubt


A total rework to up her effectiveness with more mechanical skill.

As of patch 1.31 in Dec 2018, “Brigitte’s nerfs mainly turn around her Shield Bash, which can no longer hit through shields and has had its damage nerfed into near non-existence. This means she can no longer kill Tracer in a single combo and gives shield tanks more utility”

when? 3 months ago? It was nerfed. You don’t even know how her abilities work and still complain. You’re the balancing problem and people like you.


Of all things that Brig needs a nerf for, shield bash is not one of them.

I’m glad he agree is with me.

That is ironic coming from a Hog main. Doesn’t hook cancel everything the same? Lul. Wut?


If you think you hit a Rein through his barrier, you actually didn’t. He either had put it down or you hit him from the side where his shield doesn’t cover.


Welcome to 2019 : Where people complain that stuns actually stun people and rage because a sniper is too effective from very long range.

Don’t you love the forums?


Who’s Harbleu?


a tank main streamer… playing a lot of hog and dva.

I can understand the argument that stuns interrupt a lot of things, and that could potentially be adjusted. I’m just not quite understanding why shield bash is the specific target for this complaint when McCree, Doomfist, Roadhog and others also regularly use stuns to cancel the exact same things shield bash does.

Something like hogs take a breather getting cancelled is you having an issue with stuns in general, and consistency with similar mechanics across different heroes is important. Shouldn’t make exceptions for one hero.


I will never understand why people think mechanical skill should be what decides if a character should be able to contribute to a team or not