What exactly is Brigette's nerf and why are people so upset about it?

who said anything about shield?

She’s losing the ability to bash through barriers: Orisa, Rein, Winston will all be much more difficult to engage as her since she’ll have to walk through the barrier and require a few more seconds of enduring fire to stun.
Symmetras ult now will also interfere with her charges.

It’s a pretty significant nerf to her ability to open up the enemy line.

EDIT: AND VS herself will be pretty entertaining too since she cannot bash herself if the shield is up =]


I looked it up on the forums and a bunch of people were complaining that Brig’s nerf will make it so that when she uses Rally, it provides 50 less shield.

that was a while ago I believe. It’s the new nerf that has people stirred up.

Nope, her ult remains as it is. 150 armor to people in range. Her only change is: can’t bash trough shileds.

Big outcry is because people who think she is balanced as she is are pissed on devs for appealing to hate crowd. Hate crowd rejoice they are step closer to removing her from game and forums are litteral shotstorm.

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Ah I see. Yeah I watched someone else’s video of Brig no longer being able to bash through shields but saw many more threads about the rally being down 50 so that’s what I thought people were upset about.

I agree with you, I don’t like this change at all (even though I think Brigette is as broken as a baguette).

Here’s the official post:

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Her ult gives 100 armor for 6 months now. Wake up buddy.

What you’re missing is this:

I don’t like it… but mainly because I have to come up with new strategies. She cannot take the punishment it’s gonna take to walk through all the shields just to take someone down for a second. Get ready for death from above brigitte I guess. Lot of ninja Baguette’s dropping in on tanks from now on.

Oopsie, my bad. I dont use her that much.

Well i envy you. She is in everymatch i play.

That, and rather than decrease the strength of the deathball comp-thing that is GOATs it would likely strengthen it instead.

I don’t thinking weakening anything other than Brigitte was the idea. People complained… they responded. This is EXACTLY what a lot of people were asking for on the forums for a while. Lets see how it turns out I suppose.

She is in 1/3 of my games. Then again I dont play comp.

Didn’t play OW for the last 6 seasons because I was dealing with medical issues. Sorry that I didn’t keep up with OW news.

Take a look at BlametheController’s latest video on the topic, it’ll clarify better than I ever could.

No, I understand that part. What i’m saying is the goal didn’t consider GOATs because that wasn’t the objective. It just made her weaker. They didn’t consider the impact on meta, just that people were having a problem with her feeling like some juggernaught barreling into your team. Now her approach and interaction with tanks is gonna leave her weaker once the actual conflict starts and weaker overall when shields are in play.

Yeah, I see what you’re getting at. It’s why I have issue with this potential change, since it feels a like a knee-jerk reaction that hasn’t considered the effect it will have on the latest problem-comp. I’m hoping they take more time with this and possibly change something else for an equivalent effect.

No. It’s been just 100 for a long time now.

Yes I do realise it now. Thanks.