Thoughts on Brig Nerfs as a Tracer Main

Thank you Blizzard so much for this change.
This is all that was needed, counter-play. Some sort of mind games to play with Brigitte.
I as a Tracer player (who is supposed to get countered by Brigitte) have more tools to deal with the Bash than my main tanks which is ridiculous. This was the only change is so healthy for the game and the hero, making it so that she still counters flankers but my tanks can just play normally.

Roadhog can’t just walk up to Rein or Winston and stun-ohk them when they have their barriers, no one should. There’s mind games involved; Hog is trying to use Hook when he knows they can’t respond with their shield and they are trying to predict when Hog is going to use that ability and respond accordingly and the winner is whoever has better game sense. Now Bash is just another ability to be blocked by the Winston’s shield and it’s up to him and Brigitte to see which one will outplay the other and time their abilities right.

This one single change just raised her skill ceiling so much. Now there’s a clear distinction between a good Brigitte that always outplays her opponents and a bad Brigitte who always fails and wastes Bash on cooldown. I wouldn’t even mind buffing the hero from now on. Like giving her 6s Bash back or bringing back the super jump bug.

Now let’s look at this from a Tracer player’s perspective:
Tracer’s main job when flanking isn’t going in and one clipping 3 players every team fight like people on this forums claim it to be (people who have never played her.)
It’s drawing resources away from the main fight. Let me explain. When you are trying to 1v1 an Ana, and you get her to waste Nade on herself that’s a win for Tracer because now your Ana can use her Nade liberally on your tanks but their Ana just wasted hers. So you are drawing that resource away from the main fight and allowing your tanks to push their tanks more easily. But with a Brigitte this changes. The tank fight for the most part becomes a stalemate until you have an ult combo.
When Tracer plays with her team, mostly Winston/D.Va, her job is to take an angle and provide damage (until you see an opportunity to go in and kill everything yourself for example someone mismanaging a cooldown and so on.) Now that’s impossible to do if they are focused on you instead of your tanks and trying to kill you first because of how squishy you are. If they are using every ability on you instead of your tanks who have been given the tools to protect themselves against them, then that’s just bad tanking on their part. So if you tanks don’t tank, again you can’t do anything as Tracer.

Just listen to Kabaji explain it:
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This was until Bash came along, because the Tanks had no tools to protect themselves or counterplay against it. D.Va with her DM couldn’t stop it. Winston couldn’t stop it. Rein couldn’t stop it.
The only character that could help mitigate it was Zarya with her Projected Barrier which is why she became so popular despite her being extremely under-powered. But even that wasn’t enough because of the cooldowns on both abilities.
Now, however, everything has changed. Pretty much everything that can stop Hook can stop Bash now and now it’s up to the tanks to manage their cooldowns properly.
Tracer can do her job again if she isn’t getting outplayed. She will be countered by Brigitte still, especially the ult because there’s not much you can do about that but I think it’s not that big of a deal.
The End.


You’re still gonna hate her and probably petition for her removal.


This is an indirect buff to Rein, that’s it and nothing more. It doesn’t affect any other hero and Brig is still gonna be pretty good against Tracer


Brig is good. There should be a difference between a bad Tracer who is getting one shot every fight and one who isn’t.
Of course the bull**** moments are still going to be there but still Brig isn’t as bad as some people make her out to be.

And Winson. :))))))))))))))))))))

here you go

and yeah rein kinda had no way of defending himself and his team from getting shattered besides y’know letting someone else take the hit but when

do tanks need other people to tank for them? so yes this change it’s great as the world cup shows it a load with brig bash shatters and I’m glad they saw that it was pretty unfair


its a very big buff to winston too.

his bog standard shield dance is going to mess with her a lot now.

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Like all the time, this is why you run two tanks.

Nope, she still outlasts him through her healing, and she can step inside his shield, just a matter of who’s the better dancer if you really want to stun him - which was never necessary to start with.

It’s a straight, and unnecessary Reinhardt buff.

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I’m talking more in the aspect of when did a tank hero need non tank heroes to take the hit but yeah that was kinda vauge sorry

Winston shouldn’t kill her 1v1 to be effective against her.
Dive is all about Coordination. Me as a Tracer player going in spotting a target and letting my tanks know where they are so we can dive.

Sure. Just step into the shield where no one can heal you or follow up on your Bash and then stun him. Can you always do that when playing against me please? Sounds like a free meal.
But jokes aside, that’s almost as ridiculous as suggesting an Ana or McCree should step inside the shield to stun Winston. Even Hog can’t survive that.

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You run 2 tanks because one is for damage absorption the other is for utility, not so other tanks can take a hit for you. That’s why comps like rien orisa are terrible, it’s why you need an off and main tank.

Yeah, that utility is typically DM - to take hits, or Bubble - to take hits/CC.

I mean, he literally has to dance his shield because this is what happens, same as Orisa. This is why shield dancing is a thing. Except she still flails through it, unlike those with guns.

Dva’s utility is the ability to consistanly contest high ground, Zarya utility is her ability to out put damage when supercharged. The damage mitigating abilities of their kit is what makes them tanks, the utility is the

Mobility of dva

And the damage of Zarya.

He doesn’t even have to if you’re going to play like that (badly… throwing… lol)
You can’t just step into a Winston shield alone and dance with him for a minute and a half trying to stun someone because the enemy team will smoke you.

It’s almost like his shield won’t last that long anyway.

Well that sounds like an enormous waste of potential if you’re using them this way.

It’s literally how they are used at the top levels of play. It’s not a waste of potential, it’s maximizing what a kit can do.

Long enough for you to get discorded.
You will see. Dive is back baby. Not the old Dive but a new style of Dive.

For sure, which includes their defensive capabilities. Not just defensive, so you’re not just spamming shields on cooldown to get to max charge ASAP, you’re using them to specifically soak burst, or protect from charges/one shots. You’re using DM similarly to keep people alive through Roadhog’s hooks and not just rocket boosting to high ground because you can.

I’ll request a nerf to this character over and over again, UNTIL goats comp is gone. So if this bash through shields wasn’t enough, you can be damn sure i’ll want another nerf.