Brigs getting a nerf we can appreciate

As a tank support she not just healer.

I do agree with this but who knows. I wasn’t execting this nerf but its very welcome in a cc heavy game.

Well this will make her nice and useless. I guess I will pick up Tracer again since there will be absolutely no threat anymore.


Hopefully it won’t go live


What I could appreciate is you leaving the game forever. I hate people that just ask for nerfs because they don’t want to adapt.

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Here you go:

thanks ill edit this in to the original post and credit you.

Honestly, this is as much a buff to Brigitte as it is a nerf. Overextending Brig? No problem, another Brigitte can’t punish her because she can put up her barrier.

Also, this is a buff to Reinhardt which is very unnecessary.

You’re welcome

No offense… but if she was easily countered GM players wouldn’t really use her. I think you just don’t know how to play her in a way that avoids being countered, which is fine if that’s how you play, but you have to recognize that at a certain level of play she is very difficult to deal with and for those people it can make the game very unfun.

Not to mention sometimes even if you can counter someone, and the act of doing so is rather easy, it can still be very unfun to play in that way.

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They always do, look at old roadhog and mercy and sombra

im hoping this change will help with brig being overpowering while still allowing backline play. id rather no hero be useless so im hoping that with the tankbusters getting buffs dive will stay mostly dead. im also hoping this puts a solid dent in goats but one hero nerfs likely to not change that meta.

The PTR is never used to test and tweak. It’s a glorified “early access” if you will. When was the last time the devs actually listened to feedback from the PTR?


very recently in fact. the reaper changes were delayed due to the net result being a nerf. ptr does catch things.

people bugging out over this is baffling to me.
I like brigitte and will defend her but this is the removal of what amounts to a cheap shot.
This is a fair change that will make the hero more challenging (imo fun) to play…
Rise to the occasion and elevate your game sense, geez…


Even then, it wasn’t a drastic change. I’m fine with this nerf as long as other abilities like dragonblade, uppercut, rocket punch, etc. also don’t go through shields.

I am just about ready to conclude once and for all that Blizzard does not know how to deal with the support class. At all.

It’s as if they decided to make tanks as good as they reasonably can while outsourcing supports’ balance.

well idk about RP but the devs hinted doomfists combo is getting nerfed. how? im not sure theyre not telling us much. so that’s a wait and see part. as for dragonblade? hopefully brig can still deal with thats she should be on that back row. we will have to see.

As a main tank player, I think I just failed NNN

nah jk I failed 6 hrs into november

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Honestly though, this is probably the most logical nerf she could get. People have been saying the stunning through barriers thing was kinda busted since day 1. Like I don’t even play Rein so I have no chicken in this race, but I kind of agree that was a bit much.

Maybe it’ll still hit, just not CC. If I recall, they said she could still use it to trigger inspire I think? So maybe that’s what they’re doing. Who knows. /shrug.