The Next Patch will be the end of the CC Meta

With brig no longer stunning through shields and Doomfist’s counters geating more buffs the CC meta may finally end.

I’d predict that GOATS/High Sustain comps will likely quickly and completely take over since there is really nothing else as powerful. I doubt this would last, a rework or another big buff to Bastion or Reaper could swiftly end this meta.

after that, I don’t know. Maybe hero 30 meta or something?

I predict a sniper meta is coming. Ana, Ashe, Widow.

And here I thought it would make GOATS even better

Eh, we already had the sniper meta. Hopefully it shouldn’t be coming back

I really don’t know what to expect.

Might actually make GOATs stronger at high tier.

But I know it will help lower tier games.

I mean I agree.

Yeah. Like BTC said, it was essential to use Brig against GOATS if you don’t want to run a GOATS variant yourself.

Now that her major anti-GOATS utility is gone GOATS is basically going to be uncounterable at high tier play

This sounds quite bad tbh, since it will only make the goats/high sustained healing comps stronger. We don’t actually want that. I mean, its ok for Rein to be relevant, but I don’t think many people enjoy playing the 3tank-3supp playstyle. I sure don’t.

idk… Ana’s Bionade + Ashe’s Dynamite is a deadly combination vs goats if they manage to get it off.

Then again, Ashe likes to use her Dynamite to check corners.