Brig(/McCree) Suggestion

First forum post - be kind.

Since there’s a lot of discussion about Brig, what with the potential changes mentioned here:

I have an alternative suggestion - Give Brigitte a windup time on her bash. Think Doomfist’s Rocket Punch. Wouldn’t even have to be much of a windup, just enough that you can see it coming. It would be able to be held ready, but probably reduce Brigitte’s speed by some % while it’s held.

Being more clearly telegraphed would make the Shield Bash + Earthshatter combo predictable, and give people behind Reinhardt a chance to spread out.

Additionally, it would make Brig less consistent against flankers, leaving McCree a job-opening now that Ashe is the go-to Pharah counter.

To be clear, this isn’t a “THIS IS HOW YOU FIX OVERWATCH,” post. Just a suggestion I thought worthy of discussion.


McCree existed long before Brig came along, and while he was used as a flanker counter, he was never effective enough to actually make them think twice.

Brig is meant to be effective against dive, end of story. The nerf to not go through barriers should be have been one of the first of her nerfs, not the last. This has the potential to cripple her altogether because she’s been weakened literally everywhere else.


Good points.

I can’t imagine it would take much to make McCree a threat to flankers though, if they wanted to push him more into that role. Whether that means the flashbang gets a change (I’m mainly thinking reduced cooldown, a wider radius, or even a longer stun duration,) or they change Fan the Hammer in some way, there’s plenty that could be done to help him out. I only mention him specifically because it seems like it would be a good way of filling the hole a nerfed Brig would leave, and McCree is currently at risk of being superseded by Ashe.

Other than that, I could not agree more with how Brig has been handled since her release. If the bashing shield change had been suggested a few months ago, I’d have been all for it, but now it just seems like a heavy-handed solution.