Questions about how the Shield Bash nerf works

So after the recent dev post:

Im curious to how the nerf will work. Somethings i thought of include:

  • If Brigitte stuns half my hitbox outside a shield, but also the other half inside a shield, do i still get stunned? The first thing that comes to mind is shield dancing as Winston, so im curious to how this will work.
  • Does shield bash work if Brigs model is inside a shield, or does she only get negated if she it outside the shield (so like she tries to run up and stun Rein right in front of him)?
  • How will it affect allies behind shields? Will she lose the ability to stun the minute she goes through a shield, or if she is able to get past a shield with SB, will they get stunned?

Im curious to ask because although i hate brig with a burning passion, i know how it feels to lose a hero that a player loves through nerfs (this is coming from a former Roadhog main that will prob pick him up again). I do think this is a great change though, but im curious to how the game will interact with shields and SB now. Will it be something that can be exploited like how you could spam peeking to bait Roadhog hooks to break, just with exploiting shields instead?