Brig Nerfed, Reins have a easier life

Brig is getting nerfed, she now will not be able to stun Reinhardt through his shield. Not sure if this also applies to other barriers like Orisa, winston, sym, etc. All Geoff said was that she cant do it to Rein.

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huh? sources please?

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Just look at Dev Tracker?? The discussion is the first one on the list.

#DELETEBRIG is making progress boyz. Keep it going!


Here you go my great friend.

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A Barrier is a barrier, Orisa etc. should keep it too (finally)

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Literally every other character’s life more difficult. Expect twice as many threads now about Brig suddenly focusing squishies.

This is a terrible idea.


Yes, it’ll affect shields as the original statement said for shields. All shields barriers are affected.

None of them are based quite the same way behind the barrier and it doesn’t move with them when they move. It shouldn’t have much impact on them, honestly. But Rein, huge buff.

If this change goes through, then they better buff her shield bash cooldown back to 6 and be shield’s health back to 600 to compensate for nerfing a balanced hero.


Whaaat? They made shield bash inconsistent with other melee why?
Consistency should take priority


7 second SB that gets blocked by barriers…



That also counts for Symmetra’s ultimate as well, right ?

Brigitte won’t be able to mindlessly stun someone who is hiding behind Symmetra’s ultimate, hopefully.

this change should affect all barriers

Balanced hero? Hahahahahahhaha,nice joke friend.


That’s an…odd decision.
Does this mean all melee abilities are going to be blocked by barriers? Does she just stop at the barrier? Will they be applying this change to all charge based attacks like Rocket Punch and Swift Strike? Will she receive compensation for this pretty substantial nerf?
This just seems like a really inconsistent change and a really big buff for the most heavily used tank in the game.
Not feeling this one.


So does this also apply to Doomfist and other melee based abilities? Seems like it would just make things inconsistent if it only applies to a single hero

That’s what i’m thinking.
This change just screams panic nerf.

If this applies to all knockbacks and stuns then rein would essentially have fortify on a resource meter…