Doomfist and Brigitte Nerfed, Who's Next on the Checklist?

To my surprise, both Brigitte and Doomfist will be receiving nerfs.


I am currently unable to find the developer’s discussion on upcoming Doomfist nerfs. These include a nerf to the overall damage of Seismic Slam and the ability for you to control your hero when Doomfist Rising Uppercuts you after .6 seconds.

These changes are planned to make it in the next PTR update. With that being said, who’s next? Who will the forums go after next?

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Perfect. He has multiple counters and hasn’t been seen in any relevant metas since dive, but boy does it feel bad when I die to Genji! Nerf Genji!

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yeah I’ve unfortunately already seen a few of those pop up

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What points do they possibly have for wanting him nerfed?

Mercy, MAshed potatoes op better nerf mercy

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I hope it isn’t sombra. If it is, then that infamous quote of “#DeleteBrig, Just so you know, after brig is nerfed to the point where she is completely unplayable or just straight up removed, were coming for doomfist and sombra next” by some of the pro players (and Effect’s fanbase) would start to become embarassingly true.

Overall I hope they are actually balancing these heroes on more than just what the 1% of players whine about… It’s getting a little bit saddening seeing heroes changed based on subjective opinion.

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

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nano blade and/or dragon blade to a less extent

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I want buffs! No nerfs!!!

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Zen, Ana (it’s already begun)

McCree (so many buffs! he’s better then Ashe), Ashe (new hero! of course),

Hog, D.Va

Those are my bets

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Do you mean Ashey? :wink:

Storm Arrow nerf and Pharah rework.

Whomever becomes strong because of it… And the circle continues.


Hopefully, Reinhardt and Ana.

The “not bashing thru shields” thing is a bad change. There are so many shields in this game. Not bashing thru a Winston bubble, for example, would feel bad.

The motivation behind this change is to help out Reinhardt, which I get. But there are a few other options to consider instead:

  • When Brig lands a bash, damage or destroy her shield. This adds counter play.
  • Give Reinhardt (and Winston?) some cc resistance (not immunity).

IMO, destroying the barrier would be a great change that would add a consequence for using bash. You would have to be careful when you used it.

Rein really doesn’t need nerfs. He hasn’t seen any buffs since his pickrate was garbage. He’s just popular now because of GOATS, which will die down with the Brig nerfs.

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hero 451356234 is next