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That is funny when you loose an match many different params is used to calculate SR difference, but when you win you will just win a fixed amount of 100 SR, nice broken system.

I just need new workshop like Unreal Engine blueprints drag’n’drop system, to create custom games. Nobody untill today said anything about workshop.

The Beta FAQ question has been updated with official details about signing up for Beta posted on PlayOverwatch.com

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Claimed and connected everything at 4pm, still no access

Please help me out and not post tech issues, drop issues, or other problems here. The developers don’t monitor this specific thread for things like that.

Hello! I’m playing Ovwerwatch from 2017 i’m Visually Impaired and i’m Achromate.
Like ALL players like me (yes i know that we are only a very small %), i’ve problems to recognize and see enemies.
Before someone say something the Colorblind settings are completely useless for us.
So i’m here to ask again, some feature that permit so see enemies for people like me, and before someone could say something, who does not is visually impaired/achromate is always see the enemies, so it does not give any advantage to anyone, it only permits people with vision disease to play.
Thank you

Greetings, Blizzard prioritizes feedback regarding the accessibility of their games and even has a dedicated email to receive that feedback. Please take a look at this support article for further details.

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Thanks i send an email, but i’ve already sent severals email to that address in the past (and long past), but nothing has changed and no answers, anywhere, has sent or posted. Maybe you are not interested in this kind of help :frowning:

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I want to know if there will be account merging because I originally played on console had all my stuff on there then played on pc and bought a lot of stuff I didn’t have on console will i be able to have all my items or just the cosmetics from one the console or the pc account

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I have also taken the time to update the Overwatch 2 Quick Facts section to be more reflective of the information we learned earlier this week and updated the Beta FAQ.

I purchased a Watchpoint pack and still can not access the beta just tells me I have lost connection to the game server (LC202) oh joy!!! why am I wasting my time? can anyone help an old lady out please?

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I’m waiting with baited breath for that invite e-mail :crossed_fingers:

Requesting Sticky again pls

Regarding new heroes requiring to be unlocked in Overwatch 2, will the matchmaker in competitive play allow teams to be paired against each other with different access to heroes?
For example, if I haven’t unlocked Mauga, is there a chance for me to play against that hero?

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*Important* OW2: About Phone Numbers - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums rise awareness to blizzerd that some people cant afford post paid phones


make doomfist a DPS character again!