An inside look at the ping system in Overwatch 2

Life does not have to be this miserable


I wouldn’t think so. The point of the system is to essentially call out enemy positions without needing to use VC. It would kinda defeat the purpose if all teammates needed LoS.

Edit: Interestingly this is confirmed to not be the case. Wack.

Kinda would have liked to see it in action in an animation and not just pictures, but neat. Should improve communication some.

Heres the real Dilemma here

Do you use the fall back ping on the reason why you want to fall back? or do you use the fall back ping on the location you want to fall back to?

Ping-spamming is only acceptable if you give Widow a Nitro, a Vetterli or a springfield… jk

Hands Widow a Nitro - “one shot, one kill” - Hey widow, for once you aren’t lying, its about time you dumpstered that scope-charge rifle for something useful…

10 seconds later every player in the match alt-F4s after being wall-banged at 100 meters through the spawn room door. 10 weeks later all forums threads of barrier comps being issues have dissolved. :sunglasses:

(Bad Hunt: Showdown joke). :rofl:

First, thank you so much for this incredibly illustration. I appreciate your work.

Second, the answer is the latter of your two scenarios. The ping detaches where their yellow X is for player 2.


There is an easy fix to this. Make it so she cannot maintain or ping unless she isn’t invisible. Only fair way to deal with that. Just like she can’t hold a point, or move a cart unless she is visible, so she won’t be able to ping a location either. Or have it when she pings a player, it also reveals her location to the enemy she is pinging?

I’m literally thinking like a submarine here. You ping a target and it will hear you ping them and know where it came from. lol

Makes sense to me.

Looks pretty clean, I don’t like using voice chat so this seems like it’ll be really helpful to use when it’s finally here.

You get used to it after 5 years of playing, no?

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But actually seeing it is so much more powerful cause you can prefire shots and abilities.

Probably because those skins will still be available in OW2….they’re not getting rid of the OG skins…

Thanks for the details Jodie! Another question - if I’m shooting at an enemy, and a teammate pings them, will the ping indicator appear for me right under my crosshair? That feels like it would be distracting, I’d rather only see the indicator for enemies that are in my periphery field of vision.

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I gotta admit: This is rly well done. Although yes, I see problems and issues and such, I can at the very least say that this new system will b an improvement to our current OW communication system. But a swift question, if I may: Would the ping b up in the sky if u pinged a Pharah, and what happens if Pharah gets out of LoS of u? Will the Ping stay there up in the sky? Or will it perhaps potentially fall down and ping the ground of the general area of where the Pharah is?

True but just knowing someone’s general location isn’t like too helpful there. Comming “ana in server room” on gibraltar, you know there’s an ana there now, the same is accomplished if someone pings the ana. You dont know exactly where if you can’t see her still. It was clarified if someone like sombra pings someone’s position not only can she not ping anyone else but if you don’t have los it won’t update the position.

I mean, the sombra could just hack them and give you walls and that would be way more meaningful than the ping which is another reason I don’t really understand the problem since sombra just gives you walls when she hacks people now (omegalul)

Missed opportunity to say they didn’t re-invent the (communication) wheel…I’m not mad, just disappointed… :frowning:

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Please Blizzard, don’t try to do something unique. Just copypaste what Apex did.

I feel like this isn’t going to change much. I don’t know how this will effect high Sr gameplay considering it’s already very fast paced, and the players are probably smart enough to not need it. As for low Sr gameplay, people are going to be too slow or they’re just going to spam it. I hope it’s going to make playing better, but I can’t see that happening. This is basically just making in game voice lines more cosmetic.

I don’t understand this attitude. It’s not ‘the highlight of your game’. It’s called out in the article as a quality of life feature, not as a huge new feature that is the focus of OW2. If they were trying to make a huge deal of it, they wouldn’t be announcing it in a blog post. It really just seems like you’re determined to be negative.

As a hint, the “big deal” things in Overwatch 2 PVP are the things they feature prominently in video - usually live video - maps, heroes, new sounds, new UI and new looks for all heroes. Today’s blog post is filler content, designed to bridge the gap between now and the start of the Beta in April when people will be able to see everything that is in the first Beta. After that, will come more content announcements followed by a second beta, and so on and so on.

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And then Blizzard invented a ping system. Wait until the gaming community hears about this! :heart_eyes_cat:

Neat tip: if you jump whilst moving, you’re momentum remains regardless if continue moving afterwards or not. So I recommend when pulling up the wheel to do jump while doing so. If you have quick reflexes (like moi) then comms aren’t a problem.