So...more legendary skins this year than any other year...?

I think it would actually earn them the most money. People would desire almost every skin in the game for heroes they enjoy instead of just a few that are there favorites. If you can recolor any skin to colors you like that you would probably spend more on lootboxes or play for credits to get them. Thus more money.

Right now they waste all this time coloring a skin to white and 90% of the playerbase doesn’t care because they don’t want a white skin.

People would recolor Atlantic Mercy to Pink to create their own Pinck Mercy version


Sounds awesome to me. It would add so much personality to the game.

Can we just get a custom skin editor now since we’re just recolouring skins now anyways?


I’m really curious how that math works out.

It’s April, and if you don’t count the recolors we have three legendaries to speak of this year. That is an awful big hole to dig out of.


Respectfully, this statement disrespects the time, craft, and effort that our art team pours into creating new cosmetics for the game.

It may not be the content you want, however it is content and represents the hard work of a team of very talented artists. Even these new look Legendary skins required work from all aspects of the art pipeline.


It’s amazing art, but it isn’t more game to play. It’s just a matter of definition and not a judgement upon anything.


Please do not charge 3000 currency for white iterations of pre-existing skins such as Blackhardt or Witch. These skins have been in the game for years at 1000 currency, 3000 for these would not be reasonable.


Wow, so is this going 2 be 6 skins per the 3 weeks, or is it only the 6 skins throughout the entire thing?

This right here is y I try my best 2 respect what is added into the game. (It’s difficult 4 me 2 appreciate the skins that have my top hated color of Pink, but that’s just me) This and the fact that we do have a lack of content. Better to have little content than none at all. (Reaper shrug)

Remixed rein better don’t @ me

Sure, I get that, but there’s better ways you can communicate that sentiment without diminishing the work of dozens of hard working artists, producers, and QA professionals.

I believe in you


But just to confirm, these skins were included when you talked about “more legendary skins”?
Cause if so, that is a real bummer. I was actually excited to see what we could expect, but now I am thinking that it will be 90% recolors with a handful of new ones far and few between


This is not the case.

We’re not ready to divulge more details than that at this time.


Thanks for confirming!
And don’t get me wrong, I do like the recolors! It’s a nice shake-up, but just want to manage my expectations a bit.

Blizzard are a company well known for their honesty, integrity, competence and skilled leadership


The best part is that Mercy’s wings are blue,I would’ve cried if you kept them yellow like Sugarplum.


I have never had an issue with the quality of the art teams work in regards to the cosmetic content we get. As a matter of fact, I feel strongly that the skins (among other cosmetic content) we get are generally industry leading, incredible pieces of work. However, I feel strongly that cosmetic items are best served as supplementary content. As you have assured us many times, I know the team is aware the games needs more playable content (i.e. heroes, maps, modes, etc.), but I think the sentiment here is that we all feel strongly that stuff cannot come soon enough.

Andy, I sense the main thing is that we are all just anxiously awaiting the arrival of the OW2 Beta, and getting things like this just feels a little less exciting in comparison to a lot of people. That said, we know the date is set for the Beta and we just need to be patient. If you want to read between the lines of the negativity here, a lot of it just comes down to that people are passionate about the game and the world the team has created, and we are just excited at the prospect of getting new stuff to play.

The skins here do look awesome, and I very much respect the decision to bundle the three events into one so that the team can get the things we want in our hands even sooner. This is good to help us close the distance between now and April 26th, and I look forward to earning this Mercy skin!

Thanks for the awesome communication Andy.


You guys want new skins???
We got you!!!

Heres the big idea…
We take 6 popular skins…



Cant wait to Vol 2 to get Remix white beach Torbjorn


Oh wow, the same exact thing we are told every time from the overwatch time. How shocking.