Is Sojourn getting a cinematic?

It looks like Blizzard is releasing a multi-part cinematic for Junker Queen before her debut in the next beta. However, Sojourn already debuted and didn’t have an accompanying cinematic. Is she getting a cinematic?

I vaguely recall what seemed like an early animated production scene featuring Sojourn and a puppy going into a house, and assumed Blizzard was working on one. But given JQ is debuting with her cinematic now I’m not so sure.


My guess is that ow2 will release with 4-6 new heroes, and it feels like a reach to say that all of them will get their own cinematics on launch… so I’m not really expecting a sojourn cinematic.

Sojourn will feature heavily in OW2’s story and there will probably be a Zero Hour-like ensemble cinematic featuring her, so less reason to give her a dedicated cinematic.

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Yes, there is a cinematic for Sojourn in the works.

It’ll be coming later™


Thanks for confirming Andy! Hope you had a nice weekend (:


Blizz has all the time frames trademarked….

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I did.

Spent all weekend at CommandFest Vegas, spent way too much money on Magic cards, and jammed a lot of games


Then for the new support, will they get a cinematic too?


Nice try….:sweat_smile:


I am asking for the record so the others can quiet down.

Granted, I’m also interested but I can do without.

Yes, I am sure they would confirm the new hero via a forum post :slight_smile:

I grew up on the word soon. I am too old for to deal with new Blizzard lingo.


is ‘‘just’’ a origin cinematic… or one of those old good lookin cinematic like Honor and glory? we miss those.

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Avoiding MTG cards myself…

Because Gas Prices is a thing.

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Thank you for sharing, looking forward to seeing Sojourn’s cinematic! :smile:

Great to hear! Really can’t wait to see it!

This is a bit from left field but do you know how the team feels about Sigma’s cinematic in relation to his in-game appearance?

Will we be seeing more elements of his “darker side” in OW2/PVE or does his in-game personality best reflect his current character? (i.e. is he the ‘Talon dad’ or is he a broken and sometimes frightening Talon tank)

Sigma: “I will bring you a new understanding of-- VIOLENCE --” “EM ESAELER / RELEASE ME”

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and the supports cinematic?

Later™ and not Soon™? :eyes:

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I’m guessing Sojourn’s story may be more closely-tied to the PVE campaign, so Blizzard are holding that one back for now.