Ping System coming to OW2

I’ll like it as there are many times when I, Mercy, see a Cassidy or Doom flanking and call it out and no one knows where I’m talking about. Now I can just ping where they are and my team can look directly there


I would love a pinging system, though i thought they wanted to reduce visual clutter?

here’s a real sensible fear for the ping system: how “smooth” will it be for console platforms? :thinking:

because remember that there is not the same breadth of keyboard keys to refer to, and already the chat and the communication wheel are complex to manage.

Seems fine I guess but not super impactful like in other games.

What’s a “ping system”?

We’ve been playing with the Ping system in our daily playtests for awhile.

My personal perspective; it’s incredibly useful

We’ll have more details to share about it before beta starts, so please stay tuned!


Well it might be.

Ever since i returned i felt the need to ping certain places, i feel like it would be easier to coordinate to the exact spot since you and your mates would know the exact spot.

Not in every case super impactful, no, but it might help in some cases.

A system where you would be able to put a marker at the place you are looking at.

This way your teammates know which exact place where to go.
Some games have multiple markers for enemies, moving here, defending here and so on.

If you watch some videos where people play Apex Legends you would see how a ping system would work in a game.


Will there be multiple markers to indicate different actions?

Is there also an option to disable markers for specific players in a lobby (in case they spam them) or just keep them to friends only?

Ping spam would of course be quite annoying, especially if a the ping has a sound.

Y’all don’t think a ping system is useful because:

A) you never played a game with pings


B) you’re so obvlivious when playing ow that you don’t realize that there is a ton of stuff you are missing cause it’s too difficult to say it on mic (assuming anyone tried).


I want to express appreciation for avoiding the word “soon” in any form.


Hard disagree. Pings make pretty much every game they are in a better game. Valorant uses pings and it is amazing


hey im open to hearing what andy has to say (in future i guess)…but if im like attacking eichenvalde point A youre going to see me coming unless i take a crazy flank route over/around buildings…

if im defending last point of kings row theres only like 1 or 2 ways the enemy is coming…

not saying it wouldnt help…just doesnt seem super useful…perhaps he proves me wrong

very different…same with apex…in those games you dont necessarily know where the enemy is or is coming from…OW is very confined compared to those

4 players pinging “Widow switch, you suck!” in unison.

EXACTLY what I would like to hear more of every week!

If the ping system has ONE FEATURE, alerting your team of low health enemies, it will already be miles ahead of what we have now.

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Hey Andy I’m sure it’s been tough staying tight lipped about this while there’s been so much griping. Thanks for baring the brunt of the storm. Can you comment on if it will be a part of the communication wheel or an entirely separate feature? If not totally cool with a sit tight. I’m just excited to hear more.


I understand that more info is coming, but I’d love to see a demo of this system. We won’t get any info from the early testers because they’re under NDA.

Tbh I’ve wanted this for so long since I want to ping flanking hogs so bad… but I’m not so sure how often they’ll be flanking in OW2

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Very genuinely curious about this one, excited to hear about it.

I called it lmao.