An inside look at the ping system in Overwatch 2

This actually sounds pretty cool.

You’re just like…never happy with anything, are ya?

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This is awesome. In a game that requires so much communication, having randoms in voice is just going to be inevitably toxic. However, if you change the way players communicate with each in-game, you can minimize a lot of that negative behavior.

Then, on top of all that, contextual pings are just so freaking helpful. When there’s a Reaper behind me, sometimes the words that come out of my mouth are jibberish bc I’m so stressed. Now, I can just point him out while screaming :slight_smile:

Anyone else notice that they were wearing overwatch 1 skins :face_with_monocle::thinking:

they have been in the ghost recon games for quite sometime now, since early 2000s. they were co op pve games

they didnt seem to pop up in pvp shooters until more recently though

Hi, everyone!! I have been working with Gavin Winter and Adam Puhl to respond to some of the concerns brought up in this thread!

Thanks for looking out for potential issues with the ping system! We agree that Sombra is the hero most affected by this system, and we knew this was always going to be true if we decided to build Ping. She’s the main reason for a lot of the nuance in the Ping System.

Here’s an example:
If a player on your team pings an enemy hero that is not in your Line of Sight, we place a stationary ping with a question mark on it that will never update its position.
Obviously spamming ping as frequently as you can on an enemy hero will still happen. This would place those stationary pings as often as possible, but even if we didn’t automatically place these pings, Sombra could simply ping nearby them instead to convey the same data in a slightly less user-friendly way.

Each player can only place one ping in the world at a time. If they place a new one, their previous one is immediately deleted. This means Sombra can only track one enemy for her team with any degree of accuracy, even if she’s spamming. It also means our overall clutter on screen is reduced tremendously.

Sombra can already effectively track one enemy’s position now by informing their team that “the Widowmaker is always directly in front of me”, because of how we show silhouettes through surfaces. I’ve talked to some high level players that do this in Overwatch now (and I was so silly that I thought I was the only person that did this!), although this requires voice or text chat in the live game.

Ping empowers our players in new ways and will affect some heroes more than others, so we’re ready to make more changes if ping feels overpowered when used by some heroes. We’ve already made a few changes to ping with regards to Sombra because of feedback from the Alpha, and I have some other ideas in mind if Sombra+Ping feels oppressive.

Having said all that, we do want a Sombra player that isn’t using voice chat to have some of the power a Sombra player using voice chat has. This hero has always been the most enabled by good communication and another goal of ours with ping was try to level the playing field for players that don’t want to be in voice chat.

Hearing this feedback now is great because it confirms that our concerns weren’t misplaced. We can’t wait for the Beta when more of you will get to test this system in action!


It was sarcasm. After 6 years of gameplay it is not even necessary anymore.
Same thing with the ping system. Too little too late.


Awesome. Thanks for the update - I think the biggest thing this article was missing was what the ping looks like from the perspective of your teammates, so this helps a lot.

I will say though, if Sombra ends up needing to be tweaked, I think changing how she can interact with the ping system would be a pretty cool way to buff her in other areas without having to change her damage or health numbers.

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I’m aware they were in some Co-Op games, that’s why I mention L4D. I just wasn’t certain exactly what games featured them because I haven’t played most of those games since, well, the early 2000s. I also haven’t played any Ghost Recon aside from Future Soldier- but I do recall at least Rainbow Six Vegas having a ping system through the cameras I believe.

The difference with Co-Op PvE games having ping systems though was the fact that balancing isn’t really an issue - the AI doesn’t really care if you can see them through walls and such, after all. Also, online matchmaking wasn’t as popular as it is today, so more often than not you were playing Co-Op with people you actually knew, so trolling didn’t need to be dealt with by the developers.

I like the increased communication, but I’d like it even more if there were videos or even slowly rolling back the NDA (allowing talk of officially revealed content only) as you reveal stuff so that you could control the rollout but still hear more of the ins and outs of the revealed content in a action.


My biggest concern about this system is whether it can be as frictionless and intuitive as the rest of OW. That’s a core part of this game, and adding a complicated new system that appears fairly essential given its functionality, seems like a slippery slope.

OW was the FPS for people who never played or liked FPS games before. I hope it can still be that, because that aspect of the game rules. It sets OW apart from every other FPS out there.

Thanks for the info on this. Could you possibly help me understand the following scenario?

Based on what you provided already, I’m assuming the ping will stop updating for player 2 once player 3 leaves their LoS and become stationary at the yellow X, while the ping will remain attached to player 3 for player 1 since they still have LoS to the target. Is that correct?


Life does not have to be this miserable


I wouldn’t think so. The point of the system is to essentially call out enemy positions without needing to use VC. It would kinda defeat the purpose if all teammates needed LoS.

Edit: Interestingly this is confirmed to not be the case. Wack.

Kinda would have liked to see it in action in an animation and not just pictures, but neat. Should improve communication some.

Heres the real Dilemma here

Do you use the fall back ping on the reason why you want to fall back? or do you use the fall back ping on the location you want to fall back to?

Ping-spamming is only acceptable if you give Widow a Nitro, a Vetterli or a springfield… jk

Hands Widow a Nitro - “one shot, one kill” - Hey widow, for once you aren’t lying, its about time you dumpstered that scope-charge rifle for something useful…

10 seconds later every player in the match alt-F4s after being wall-banged at 100 meters through the spawn room door. 10 weeks later all forums threads of barrier comps being issues have dissolved. :sunglasses:

(Bad Hunt: Showdown joke). :rofl:

First, thank you so much for this incredibly illustration. I appreciate your work.

Second, the answer is the latter of your two scenarios. The ping detaches where their yellow X is for player 2.


There is an easy fix to this. Make it so she cannot maintain or ping unless she isn’t invisible. Only fair way to deal with that. Just like she can’t hold a point, or move a cart unless she is visible, so she won’t be able to ping a location either. Or have it when she pings a player, it also reveals her location to the enemy she is pinging?

I’m literally thinking like a submarine here. You ping a target and it will hear you ping them and know where it came from. lol

Makes sense to me.

Looks pretty clean, I don’t like using voice chat so this seems like it’ll be really helpful to use when it’s finally here.