A New Journey is Right Around the Corner: Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Wrap-Up

only thing i missed about live was dva is a lot more playable.

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Why cant I find anything on this leaked tweet? All the regular forums that would be all over a leak like that have nothing.

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I keep seeing people say it’s already confirmed consoles aren’t included in the next one which if that’s the case why tf would you guys even mention trying for console access. Just rip the bandaid off and say no.

I’ve gone through all my regular ow forums and I cant find anything about what this means, some people seem to think the 16th is the next beta, other people say it is not. I just dont understand why they would say ‘save the date’, you say that for once you have announced something, like ‘save the date’ ow2 pvp beta June 16th. Why would we save the date if it is just an announcement? Some people are going to book time off thinking the 16th is the next beta.

They can start it whenever they want. Their post was horribly written and vague.

We’ll be sharing more data and information from this beta phase in a separate post that’s currently being worked on. This blog was meant as a “thanks for testing”, and to set expectations on when you can expect to hear from the team about our future plans.

TLDR: it’s coming, just not today


Yes they could hypothetically start on Sunday at 3am but tradition says it will be Tuesday.

How soon is the post coming? Days? Weeks?

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Will beta phase #2 have all of the redesigns… showcased… or at-least available…? :eye:

Also, cant wait for the data and information!

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Can I tell my friend not to book the 16th off because that is not the day of the next beta?

You will make it to Overwatch 2, but there is a catch.

You need to take the current Match maker that was made by 3 certain individuals from Activision and script a whole new system. Take the code, wipe it from any LTO drives, rack-mount hard drive back-ups, go and print it up on paper, wad it up, put it in the waste bin, along with those drives, place said items in the bin and light it on fire in the parking lot, (paved portion). hold hands and chant around it as it goes up in smoke.

Once you do so. You will have an AMAZING year and another Overwatch Anniversary to look forward to. This will apply +10 luck, +25 success rate, +10 Critical strike rating and and gain a 50% rest bonus.

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Oh, and people want LIFGUARD Mercy this summer. Ask for 1 dollar per purchase on the skin. You should have like 30 million bucks EASY.

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the next beta isn’t one month away, the announcement for it, yeah which most likely means more than 7 weeks until the next beta considering they took 3 weeks to allow public access on this one since they announced it

Overwatch as a world, as a universe, is deeply personal to the team; something that we pour our time, creative energies and passion into. It can be scary putting something that means so much to you out there for other people to look at. Especially when you know that it’s not finished and you’re asking for people’s real and valid criticisms of what you’ve made.

Am I the only one who hates it when they do this?

It’s just guilt tripping and deflection aimed at people who have negative things to say.


back to Apex until the 16th I guess

Spent the entire thing getting “unknown server error occurred” while everybody else got to play. Pretty mad at blizzard and won’t financially support them in any way ever again just because of how disrespectful it feels to have been ignored and disregarded. My account was singled out intentionally and I know it. Thanks blizzard.

“Event” means a release date. There is nothing else left to reveal that would necessitate an “event”. Maybe there is gonna be a new hero as well, maybe not, but OW2 is gonna show up in the shop then. Another beta has already been leaked to happen on 16th as well and it might be one of the pre-order kind. After that they might have open beta in August that’s gonna right before launch.

On June 16 they will reveal “future plans for second beta”…


Not a bad guess but i refuse to get my hopes up that the game is even coming this year

I mean… What do you want to preorder? The Update is free for all + it will automatically update Overwatch 1 to Overwatch Version 2.0

What I can imagine is that we might get a roadmap, clarification about OW2’s business model, Beta dates, new game mode / new features & content reveal.

They’ve been dropping hints it’s coming out this year since like January. First event has only two skins and they promise “more skins than any year before” (which I’m pretty sure they just mean making old skins run with the new engine). Then the news about PvE being split to get the PvP OW2 out sooner and Remixes start with their “recycled” skins. Remix lasts through Summer Games, so with just two events left there’d be little time to release like 100 new skins (and I know they count Remix skins as new, but the community doesn’t really). So this makes it look Halloween Terror would be first OW2 event. Now the big “event” for OW2. You don’t quite make this much noise for a new hero (especially without saying it’s a hero).
Also, if they don’t release it, you’ll have Diablo Immortal (which is free) and WoW Classic expansion, which is also free for anyone subscribed to WoW.

The game? They’re still gonna sell OW2 as it’s own thing.

Yeah, IF you have OW1. If you don’t, you’ll be able to get OW2 which will later have the PvE mode. OW1 is only getting updated to be compatible with OW2, still gonna treat it as its own thing. OW1 is the PvP game, OW2 is the PvP+PvE game and that’s what you’ll be able to preorder (minus the PvE part at the release).

It’s “release PvP OW2, then get the PvE part later”. Then some DLC bonus story chapters.

One either on 16th or like a week later and then next one in August.

That’s cute. Another new game mode? Yeah, no. They need to fix push first.