Kinda worried that Devs are not hyping June 16th enough

“We decided that since the monitization in Diablo Immortal was widely successful that we will be adding a similar monitization system to Overwatch 2 PvE”

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Lol you are if you just repeat “it’s an event” ad nauseum.

When has Overwatch, for ANYTHING, ever done a teaser more than 2-3 days in advance? We’re 7 days from the scheduled date. It’s premature.

But it’s not going to be only one thing.

Let’s assume there is a new hero, but in addition we get more maps, they want to announce that “new mode” that no one knows about, and an OW2 roadmap. Why do a teaser for a new hero and make everyone think that’s all the event is going to be?

If they have a lot of information covering a wide variety of topics it doesn’t make sense to do a teaser for one aspect of it.

Beyond that, people on this forum, myself included, have a history of psyching themselves up by reading too much into what little information the dev team gives out, and then becoming furious when those expectations don’t come true. People need to relax and let the 16th come without panicking because they’re not talking more about the announcement that they already announced.

So I am just ignoring you because on the amount of misinformation your providing.

Seriously it’s like Blizz hired people to bully fans.

lmao what? What misinformation?

How am I bullying you?

I’m saying to temper expectations, that’s all.

If they have more than one topic to discuss, why do a teaser for only one aspect of it?


Incidentally, the DarkTide teaser looks awesome.

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As I’ve said on multiple occasions here, we’re far less interested in hyping and promising, and more inclined to show the work. For the forum community, it doesn’t add a lot of value for us to be out there talking about how excited we are for next week (even though we are very excited™)


If the next beta doesn’t start on the 16th, the hype will die more. OW1 sits under 10k viewers routinely on Twitch now.

but imo there is nothing wrong with hyping it up, it gets the community excited


Cool direction, here comes the offtopic questions, including this one just to manage expectations, can you please tell us if those who had access to previous beta are gonna have to get another access for the next one?

Hype probably isn’t healthy anyway, eyes are wanted on the finished product, not the half finished Overwatch 2 we’re currently playing. Don’t try to hype it up. Do that once OW2 is ready to be seen by the wider world

I’m not sure if you are being intentionally disingenuous or if you are actually just super out of touch with the community. This forum has been asking for more communication for years now instead of constant radio silence. It’s actually borderline insulting that you would say this.


communication =/= being a hype machine on the forums

Please don’t try to conflate the two


How is it insulting? I’ll admit I wish we had more communication but what you’re quoting is AndyB saying is that they don’t want to just write about how excited they are without giving details or showing things.

I personally want more details on experiments and planned change but I guess those aren’t being shared because they’re in progress… like the unused Moira experiments we only heard about after-the-fact.

Incidentally, any news on when the Experimental is expected to be back up?

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What happens on June 16th?

A beta, announcing the decoupling of PvE and PvP, a weekly blog post, multiple online discussions about balance and new heroes and announcing this event the day the first beta ended.

There’s probably more, but they have communicated more in the last two months than they have in the last two years.

There’s more they could do and they could still be better, but you sound extremely entitled.

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The dev blogs from beta (which we’ll be continuing), the recent stats blog, the Moira blog, are all examples of us moving towards more transparency and involving the community in our development process. Shifting our philosophy and comms strategy to a new approach takes time, and iteration, to get right.

I know that Jodie and I haven’t been as active on the forums for the last few months. TBF, we’re heads down on planning for the next phase of beta and beyond at the moment. Hopefully I can carve out some more time soon to jump in here (I had 2 meetings cancelled today, which allowed me time for posting and responding)


Not yet. My understanding is they’re still investigating the issue.


It’s a spectrum my friend. There isn’t even a regular-type blue post on the general discussion for June 16th which apparently should be a somewhat big deal. Surely that is the minimum amount of work that would cross both communication/hyping.

But anyways. Your response is kind of weird because even if we pretend communication and hyping are separately identifiable, it’s not like Blizzard is communicating in lieu of hyping or something - there’s just… nothing instead.


you were being melodramatic and got owned.