HLC and Paris are removed from QP!

makes game
players complain about game
game goes under
blames players for not playing game correctly

Modern game development 101

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Inb4 I don’t get an answer to my question either.

Modern game development 102:

  • Have a game, do some mistakes
  • Mistakes are ironed out after some time
  • Announce a sequel ( or DLC )
  • Repeat the same mistakes in the sequel / dlc

“Learning from my mistakes? We don’t do that here” is a quote many developers should wear like a badge.

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Rejoyce people! Finally! xD




Sometimes removing content improves a game.
This is absolutely one of those cases.


You will still be able to access the map through custom games, but they won’t show up in QP or arcade modes.


any news as far as the future of the maps themselves? (along with the other yet to be removed 2cp ones)…the assets and such…not the game mode which is obviously being removed


Thanks for informating! I really miss the telescope and Luna’s Cabaret :sob::sob::sob:


The developer team doesn’t even know what to do anymore, that’s why they just cowtow to stupid requests like putting sym in offense and nerfing her, nerfing old Sombra, nerfing halt.

If this is how they’re going to do it, everybody might as well just ask for a completely naked Mercy skin. If all of us ask for it they’ll obviously do it.


I approve of this. I think it would be nice.

I give it atleast 9 out of 10 OwOs


Wow. This is good news. What it take like 4 years? Finally. The frustration is over.


obviously not xP we’ll find out when OW2 releases or something but if I were to guess I’d say these maps are perfect for pvp missions

Pretty simple actually.
A very high amount of leavers at the beginning.
For those who stayed, they were not even trying anymore in Horizon or Paris. It had basically become chilling time.

“gg go next” as they say.

Now you could make the argument that it’s because the maps were bad.
Except this behaviour started at the exact moment they went out of competitive.

Competitive mode kills the game. It’s because of competitive that we get awful teammates unwilling to switch or play the game on quick play. Because these people consider quick play as some kind of training grounds.
And what’s the point of training on a map you won’t play on competitive?
If Paris and Horizon were still in comp rotation, there would still be occasional complaints. Just like I read today people complain about Busan or Havana.

But all in all, they would not be problematic maps.

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Why were these two maps removed? Is it because not many people liked them?


And our consolation prize for having less content is a new $10 skin we get to buy! #tricky

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You got any evidence for this what so ever?

I…played the damn game?

I’m not nostradamus and couldn’t predict players reaction at the time, so no, I didn’t went full Sherlock and recorded every single game to establish a digital timetable.

I guess you’ll have to read testimonies of players that remember. Because I doubt anyone kept any kind of fool-proof evidence.

Nice. I did too. Didn’t notice anything like that so… What gives?

But then what knowledge do you base

this on?

Because I can argue “yea nah that didn’t happen”?

Argue away. I said my piece.

But if you want to defend the removal of these maps, maybe don’t go that way. Because the main reason why people didn’t want to play if you asked them was because there was no point to it since it’s not competitive.

Even someone who wasn’t around at the time only had to ask to understand the situation.