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Its on my to-do list

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I sniped you with Widow 2 days ago in the new map in the waiting que.

The waiting times are unreal for non tank que sometimes.

Change that to a mid 2022

anything? or should we just wait for OWL…

Hey everyone,

I am pleased to announced that after a lot of work. I have every single developer response from the old official forums restored. This means you can go back all the way to the launch of the game and get past insights to Overwatch. Remember, not everything talked about back then may apply to how we enjoy the game today, but it should be a handy resource. It’s currently on my graphic design portfolio site for now (as I don’t want to spend the money on a dedicated domain).

All links for the applicable posts in the directory above should now be updated. Let me know if you come across a bad link at all.



thanks wyoming myst. really useful :slight_smile:

Hey, this page gives me error https://www.mystgraphics.com/overwatchforumarchive/other-razorkeyboard.html

Also a little request, is it gonna be possible to have a category that displays every post in chronological order?

I try to sort by category and then in chronological order from the newest to oldest.

I see where the problem is in the link… fixing it now. Correct URL is


Some other stuff i wanted to point out


  • (Competitive is not a progression based system - Jeff Kaplan - 7/5/2016)
    -leads to different topic https://mystgraphics.com/overwatchforumarchive/competitive-spectatecompetitivematches.html

Quick Play, Arcade, & Training Modes

  • (Possibility of Achievements for select arcade modes - Jeff Kaplan - 1/13/2017)
    -i believe your comment about hero and general achivements is incorrect since it got patched into the game in 2020 and jeff confirmed it Can a dev clarify QPC Achieves? - #2 by JeffreyKaplan

Non-Game Related Posts

  • (Jeff Kaplan explains why Pacific Standard Time is used for timed annoucements in the game’s media - Jeff Kaplan - 11/30/2016)
    -broken link https://www.mystgraphics.com/overwatchforumarchive/other-announcementtimezone.html

Since Microsoft owns the company soon. Maybe they should HIRE you for work.


They can start a region office in the Denver or Cheyenne area and hire an ARMY of moderators, as well as spectator mods so they can look for cheaters. Its not like they don’t have a disposable income. The last I checked Microsoft uses 1 dollar bills to heat the boilers in the basement of Microsoft and their supply never seams to run out.


My statement about wanting to work for Blizzard can be found here…

TL:DR - If I work for them, it will be in a position where I know I can deliver value to the game and community.


The Cassidy thread about what SAMF stands for had many more responses from Chu besides Sarsaparilla.

The link to the Reaper lore where Michael Chu confirms that only Ana, Soldier: 76, and Sombra are aware of Reaper’s actual identity isn’t working at all just brings me to ‘Page Can’t Be Found’.

Thanks for pointing out the issues everyone.

I have this fixed.

The comment is outdated as the newer post overrides it. I will try to clean up the description.



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Why is it that the devs like to only cater to dps and support. You guys do nothing but nerf hood hero’s and buff hero’s that don’t need it. How about instead of nerfing wrecking ball you nerf road hog or Reinhardt. You guys need to stop catering to those who don’t want to actually get good at the game. Cater more towards those who can back up their dispute and not just use they can win with SpIn2WiN.

This post has nothing to do with what you are saying, the OP doesn’t even work for bliz.

Should the “beta” being leaked be here?

I probably just missed it actually.

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that I have finally caught up with all remaining developer posts and the directory is once again fully up to date. Enjoy!


Holy crap nice job!

So how will we know when we are able to get access to the ow2 beta if we have signed up for it will we get a email saying when we can access it or will it be something else ?