Kinda worried that Devs are not hyping June 16th enough

Why not do that then? There hasn’t been a single hint of what to expect other than support changes which were talked about at 2 other occasions already.

You…actually believe there’s a PvE Overwatch 2 game coming?

That stuff is deader than King Tut.


I could be wrong but I believe the intent for this next round is to show off what the PVE looks like.

If it’s not that I don’t know what the point of it is.

Then what have I been playtesting?


I’d just like to say that the developer blogs have been fantastic and well received.

Hopefully the devs could continue with something similar after OW2 launches? Perhaps even with “State of balance” blogs that have a deep dive into current stats, heroes they’re concerned about, etc? It would be a good way to keep the community engaged and dispel potentially incorrect community perceptions regarding balance by explaining the stats.



Jodie has been doing a wonderful job with our editorial strategy. The fact that she was a fan and player of the game before joining the team is really shining through in how we’re structuring our blogs, the language we’re employing, and the information we’re including

Super proud of my team :slight_smile:


that is still coming man, you have been trying to say this for months now but you are going to be wrong

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Hopefully it can continue after launch and not just be for beta? :pray:


view this from a player view:

Would you rather:
A) Get radio silence
B) Get some reason to be excited for upcoming stuff

Player base communication is Blizzard’s greatest weakness.

Diablo, SC, OW all have little community communication.

Even the WoW devs eventually understood (took em a ton of years thoguh) this and started being more interactive (not a ton but anything at least lets playerbase know they care)

PVE is probably coming because Blizzard is basically staking the reputation (lmao, Blizzard and their reputation man, yikes) of OW2 as a sequel on PVE existing. It’s what’s justifying the “sequel” monitor.

The real question is if it will be any good.


that’s the plan



Somewhere out there there’s a parallel universe where people who make comments like that are somehow withheld access to things once they come around……”no sorry you don’t get to enjoy it since you thought it was just make believe”

It is coming alright… the question is with how much of it the game will launch.

Something about the devs also having to do this……:sweat_smile:


Don’t blame someone for not believing in Blizzard anymore after being let down so much, especially recently. Look at this from just 2017:

Just because Blizzard says something doesn’t mean you should believe it anymore. That being said I do believe PVE is coming out, just not sure how good it will be

Wasn’t referring to just blizz/ow…scenario plays out all the time for lots of things

100% agree on this. The regular blogs have been great insight into the coming game and the development process. They are much appreciated by many of us.

The live streams have been a bit less so. The early ones frankly weren’t very good. The latest one with ML7 and SVB was good though. Had a more casual atmosphere that seemed to put the dev team at ease and let things flow a bit better.


So jealous :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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‘‘we want more communication’’ = ‘‘listen to me while I demand you buff my hero and nerf stuff I don’t like.’’


Well, a few suggestions on that.

[OW2] Beta #2, what I expect / want
[OW2] How to impressively fix Queue Times in Beta #2
[OW2] What do they need to fix for Beta #2?
[OW2] Turn 2CP maps into Control/KotH maps
[OW2] Mercy, simplified SuperJump+Slingshot
[OW2] How to reduce Hackers with Free2Play

And of course my fever dream of what could happen after June 16th.

  • June 16th, announce it for Friday the 17th, HYPE
  • People who already had a key, don’t need a new one, HYPE
  • However there’s a limited edition spray, or maybe even that Illidan / Tyrand skin for Genji / Symmetra. Like you don’t have to watch, but… A lot will. HYPE
  • Keep the streamer drops events going. But maybe only 1 hour HYPE
  • Keep the beta up, for as long as it takes to get beta 3. HYPE
  • Launch beta 3 HYPE
  • As soon as that is looking good and the hype is still warm, send PVP to Live. HYPE
  • Bring in Jeff Kaplan as a video guest, to announce Overwatch is F2P, however Competitive/OpenQueue either needs a paid copy of PVP, or Phone verification. (To limit hackers) HYPE AF
  • Show off that Atlantic Mercy skin, OWL Ana skin, and OWL Zen skin will be in the challenge event. Along with Pink Mercy in the cash shop. Which either makes Support HYPPPPPE or everybody else gets queue times like a dream.
  • Segue to an awesome 3D Animation Short. HYPEEEE
  • Ending credits of the cinematic Announce a hardish delivery season for OW2PVE Spring 2023 HYPEEEE
  • And just when you think the hype couldn’t go any further. Overwatch 2 PVP is now available on Steam with full crossplay with Blizzard launcher players. (Lootboxes have to be purchased through the Blizzard launcher though, to avoid profit-share with Valve, I.e. Like Warframe)
  • And then… to go even further beyond… ALL Blizzard titles are now cross-compatible on Steam. Because the Microsoft Merger is greenlit to go!