Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail)

For each Anniversary remix, three popular mini-event skins will make a limited time return and can obtained by completing their specific challenges.

If possible, Inferno Junkrat skin from Halloween please!


The development team have not confirmed any plans for cross-progression for Overwatch at this time

Great, so instead of having 3 weeks to play any of the Archives missions now we have to wait for the same rotation used with Anniversary. The remix skins are a neat concept but at this point they probably wont be too far off from “Recycled lazy content”.

The one good thing from this is the return of some weekly skins, so good job, Archives fas F up again.


So i’m going to be a negative nancy and ask about the pink mercy icon and twitch sprays, i guess the obvious answer is that they won’t return but i still want to ask.

I don’t want to know about the skin, just the twitch stuff…

I am a little bummed out that there won’t be any archives event this times and i’m also a little confused but excited at the same time about these “remix skins”

Pink Mercy was not part of any given seasonal event so do not expect that skin to be returning in these promotions.


We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons.


Like i said, idc about the skin! Only the twitch stuff that you earn by watching.

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Okay so basically what I’m getting from this is

  • Anniversary, Archives, and Summer games are all cancelled this year and are instead “Remix 1, 2, and 3”
  • Each Remix will bring back 3 “mini event skins” (like deadlock ashe, dr. mercy, etc.), one per week for 3 weeks, and are JUST those skins, not a “remix”
  • 6 legendary skins per Remix, however they are just alternate versions of existing legendary skins from past events

So basically this is really great if you missed out on limited time events, but if you’re up to date with everything, you just have 6 reskins to look forward to. Okay, I guess…

Edit: I mean, I think this is great for those who missed out, but yeah. Does feel a tiny bit underwhelming for those who didn’t. I just hope Witch Mercy has a remix skin. I don’t know how you’d top her, but it’s still my favorite and most used Mercy skin ever. And tbh, while it would be some effort, you guys could have brought over the HotS skins. Would love the Destoryer D.Va & her variants in OW.

Edit 2: I just saw the “remixed” versions of the skins and nvm. I shouldn’t have wished for it. These “remixes” hurt me. They’re just palette swaps, and ended up making the skins look worse… Opinion mileage my vary, but oof…


Why tho? I literally missed out on getting those stuff from twitch.


Well that’s depressing


So we get anniversary 3 times instead (with recolours and past challenge skins).
Idk, sounds good for me. And ngl, I am very very happy for the challenge skins like Ana, Dva and maybe in the next remix event… Sombra (demon hunter I think).

This idea sounds good, thank you guys


Is that relevant tho? It doesn’t say that it has to be a skin from one of the seasonal event weekly challenges, or did I miss something?
I’d consider events like Ashe Mardi Gras, the Baptiste release event or something like the Nano Cola challenge mini events, or does the nomenclature somehow rule them out?

(REALLY hoping for Bastet to make a return one day, that’s why I’m asking^^)

/edit: I get that Pink Mercy won’t come back, same as other promotions I’d think, but other small events were no promotions afaik, so no issue with that then I imagine

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When they said “more legendary skins this year than ever before”, I didn’t expect them to set the bar so low as to give us RECOLOURED legendary skins. And then yeet two seasonal events because “OW2 beta”.


Omg this! ^^ this might be what they were actually talking about and it makes me so sad honestly.

For once you would believe that they could do at least that and bring us something different and not just re- colors…


That is incredibly disappointing. I think when it’s said “most popular skins” people think about the limited time skins like Sarah Kerrigan Widowmaker and Pink Mercy. :sob:


My goodness. Can not a single person be pleased here?

The takeaway is this part here:

Christ, people. It’s not the end of the world. Would you rather them to not allocate more time for OW2, or put more into OW1 which will become a non-priority once OW2 takes the scene? This is basically the “last hurrah” before OW2 begins to take the forefront.


https ://

as they said here bastet is gonna return in first week I guess


You don’t know how much I hope you are right :sweat_smile:
Thank you for the link!

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Maybe the fact that these are just recolors?