So...more legendary skins this year than any other year...?

As far as I know, Mercy, DVa, Genji, Zenyatta, Reinhardt & Reaper so far.

I want recolored skins, too. They’re “easy” content to make- 90% of the work is already done, they should be pumping these out. This game has no excuse for getting in one year as much content as other live service games get in one patch. It’s a travesty a game like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp gets more assets in a month than OW gets in a year. Full stop.

But that’s my point- this is easy, simple, should’ve-been-there-to-begin-with content. Framing it as “Wow so much more than usual!” is misleading at best and willfully deceptive at worst.


The devs already told you that expect little to nothing till OW2 drops and all their focus and man power is focused on trying to release OW2 as soon as they can.
Yet people seem to still be confused.
Every game that is getting a sequel ready to drop with the same kind of business model as OW stops releasing new content for the previous game. OW isnt a free 2 play game or has a subscription based model.

We weren’t just talking about the remixed Legendary skins. That said, we agree with what many have already shared here and think that lots of folks are going to appreciate the new look of fan favorites (seriously, did you see the remixed Cultist Zen skin? :fire: :fire:)


Are we getting 1 remix skin each week?

6 per event, and each event lasts for 3 weeks.


Yeah but this is not a new content. They are just a recolors of already existing skins.


That is cool

But also one question, will this event replace all the other evens till ow2, and each time its up will we be able to play all the modes?

Zen looks okay, but I would hope they would add a darker version too. Like black and red.

I would like that for Mercy for sure.


So by “We weren’t just…” does that mean these recolors are included in that count? Because the normal amount of skins + recolors still does = more than ever, and that’s still pretty misleading.

Are we still getting “more than ever” even if these recolors aren’t counted?


Thanks for clarification, also what are gonna be the lootboxes during those remix events? how are people gonna get voice lines, sprays, emotes during those remix events?

As stated in the original post, it will be replacing in game events while we focus on the development of the OW2 PVP Beta. We’ll have custom brawl lists for each Anniversary Remix.


so i take it no competitive lucio ball this year? (since thats like specific to summer games and not anniversary)

Hot damn! It’s like a dream come true to not have to go through that

I am going to guess it is white :smirk:


Is there any link to see what skins they doing and how they look ?

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Thank you for the clarification, again. Maybe people will finally listen and stop spamming nonstop threads “wondering” about new content, when the devs have told them this multiple times already.

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They should function like normal Anniversary loot boxes, with the remixed Legendary skins added to the drop table.


Any chance we could at least have the possibility to buy past blizzcon skins again?
These limited-time event skins coming back doesn’t mean so much to those of us who sticked with the game and completed the challenges the first time they were around…


oaokay I get it now I guess? correct me if I’m wrong. so it’s anniversary event each time there is supposed to be a seasonal event, weekly challenge skins will be skins that were only available during a time limited event and the remix legendaries will be obtainable from lootboxes only.