I would rather a CC get the beta than some random player

If they match servers 1:1 with live I’m happy as a pig in filth. <20ms gang here yo

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or, I dunno, you could stop giving a crap about what other people think of your hobbies and just keep doing what you enjoy.

If people don’t like what I enjoy, that’s fine because they don’t have to partake in anything I’m doing. Don’t live your life in a way that prevents you from being your true self.



I dont care who gets the beta, I care about them promising more communication and transparency with the community and then running straight to content creators behind close doors.
Post something on the official channels SEEKING CONTENT CREATORS FOR OW2 BETA tournament, dont have your community manager post some hush hush ccs come find me on his private twitter

Oh man that’s good. Dammit I missed such a huge opportunity!

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What an odd thing to worry about.

When most people ask for more communication, they are usually talking about things that actually affect them.

We have a core philosophy when it comes to our relationship with content creators: we do not dictate their content

Whether or not someone is critical of our team, our decisions, or our philosophy does not factor into who we invite into our trusted groups. A good rule of thumb that we communicate to creators is to critique the work, not the worker. We welcome folks who hold our feet to the flames, both in terms of community and creators.

It’s far more important to us that they’re promoting an inclusive community, one that doesn’t exclude folks based on their background or life experience. Whenever I have conversations with more controversial community creators, I’m very clear about why working with them presents a risk to our brand and community (i.e.; the how they choose to present themselves, and what they allow to be said in their audience), and if they’re interested, we try to help them more closely align their community with the values we hold true to as a team.


That is an interesting way 2 look at things. I’m actually kind of glad this is how u see it. Gives more people a more equal chance with this type of thinking in place 4 others 2 make it into the Beta.

The more I read the forums the more I agree with this.

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Yall should absolutely not work with people who encourage others to harm themselves and spew mindless invective. It’s vile behavior and deserves to be shut out.


Well then you lived unter a stone or are ignorant AF because the common knowledge that people watch every game. Especially PvP games. That means OWL does not say anything to you? Oh boy…

Yes, this is true.

Simultaneously, we also make sure that we allow for the fact that people make mistakes. It’s on us to recognize when folks demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow from past missteps and, in most cases, to help them become a productive member of the larger OW community.

A philosophy I learned several years ago is that “good people have bad days”. I would much rather we help someone grow as an individual/professional by applying a bit more elbow grease to particularly challenging relationships.


Exactly. Why does anyone care what people think about what they play above all else?

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Only shooter my poor friends can run because its 6 years old

I do

Should have had this conversation with the head boss and told him how he was going to destroy the brand.


Gee, I dunno, just how did game companies manage to market their games to potential customers—new and old—before the advent of streamers or even YouTube/Twitch/TikTok? And for over 40 years, too, a time when the industry even managed to grow ever bigger and bigger. Even in the 2000s, when the dot com boom was reaching its peak, magazines were failing, and DVDs were on the way out, game companies’ marketing divisions still got their message out through all the traditional advertising avenues and got their products sold. It’s truly a wonder the industry can survive at all without glamorizing and employing the use pseudo-celebrity “influencers”—literally relying on all the immature antics of these kids, both to get people’s attention and showcase anything new or remotely interesting, and as one of their main sources of “trusted” feedback for anything.

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since when was high ping a problem in a PvE game?

When your abilities don’t go off on time or you get hit by things you shouldn’t. Dragging your team down and expecting to be hard carried is a problem.

if the AI isn’t hitscan with aimbot it probably is possible to play on a high ping

it’s a PvE, you’re not timing your Rein shield to deny the enenmy Shatter and need lowest ping possible

Is that not what 90% of players do in PvP?