Will Sym be continued to be ignored to Beta 3?

I’m hoping we will get to see some more D.Va changes, if these are coming.

I would love to see if my girl is getting anymore changes, (defense matrix range, defense matrix duration, baby d.va changes)>

Oh? so… does this mean… everytime your on here, it’s explaining stuff that really wouldn’t be said by them in a major event later on…?

Rock and stone until you go home!

I guess we should take that as its pretty insignificant relative to what we will get on june 16?

Then can we get some info on what we can expect? If you’re not holding info back for the event…why hold it back?


If they aren’t going to discuss it please can we have some hints PLEASE
Im so excited to discuss whats changed

Probably because there are dozens of people who are working their butts off in preparation for the announcement

Me leaking or giving any sort of indicator on what to expect is incredibly disrespectful of their time, efforts, and energy


(lol I only saw first 2 seconds of this and rest is just odd)

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wait are you being sarcastic?

im not used to people from blizzard talking on the forums, even if you have been here for months

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Well so…

“we don’t talk about OW2 future uoh uoh…” :musical_note:

Anyway, thanks for some hope for new changes in Sym coming soon :hugs: but very soon, I hope :sweat_smile:

still i say give her back her 2.0 barrier! it will help her a lot.

(also read my dm on discord please its a very serious question!)

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As a Colombian I have a love hate relationship with that song….

yay…a movie about my people!..…

No….not that song again!! Make it stop!!!

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i was cringing so badly when a group of people started singing it at my school

play a GOOD song like isabela’s like :roll_eyes:

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I leave for a hour and miss everthing

(though don’t have time to pull up my old Sym rework notes.)

I hope they do ignore unpopular niche heros like sym torb junk bastion mei.
listening to the whining one tricks demanding these heros be made viable in all situations is what killed ow1. one trick trolling on niche heros should not get you further than bronze.

Because it’s a loop, I don’t know which two seconds are the first two. The entire thing is odd.

Supposed to just be the whip crack part after Andy’s passive aggressive savagery :smile:

She better not suck is all I ask

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But FR though, imagine if the Symm flying turrets had an aura like this, maybe greenish, and it provided a speed boost.

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At least we know that Sym will get some attention next beta. That’s really good. Apart from the dev post we had zero information about Sym despite her doing really poorly since years.
It’s not a full rework…so maybe a half rework like the Sombra one?
My guess is they delete her team TP to buff her DPS/survivability which I don’t like because TP without team utility is just a worse version of shadow step and it deletes her supportive identity even further.
And if they don’t delete team TP all the effort put into the changes is worthless. Team TP is too strong to buff Sym.
I am scared now and I expect the worst.

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Exciting!! I’m not bothered by how she plays as long as the numbers can make more sense!