And... we only get a DPS hero in OW2 Beta

uh huh!

First confirmed new hero is a DPS. Nothing else is confirmed at all. Tanks and Supports should be getting a ton of new heroes.

Your best buddy Jeff said they were working on multiple heroes years ago. So they should be all ready, but apparently not.


Which of course means every other hero that they have made is a DPS even though they have specifically stated that there are going to be multiple tanks and supports added with OW2 :roll_eyes:

Y’all are just looking for things to be upset by at this point

Yeah, that’s possible. It usually happens when you are a giant overhaul of a game during a pandemic all the while having your boss put you on useless projects that ended up never making it into the game

I was gonna reply to OP but AndyB has it covered it seems. Sojourn isn’t the only hero, just the only hero they feel comfortable putting in the first iteration of the beta.

There will be more heroes on the actual release, there nothing to worry about on this front.

(And besides, tanks/supports are generally harder to make and balance correctly, so it stands to reason that the first hero to reach relative completion is a simple DPS.

All we know from her kit is she has a projectile weapon with a railgun. How is that like soldier?

There are forum doomsayer, there are forum chill people, and there are forum fanboys. Forun is not a single entity, but yeah, almost everyone will only use what fit their agenda, and ignore the rest.

We’re working on new Tanks. We’re working on new Supports.

When I say “working on”, I mean to say any hero that you don’t know about. They could be in various degrees of completion and testing. I know. I’ve tested and played them all, including the Doomfist and Orisa rework.

What I am not at liberty to say is “you are getting X heroes”, or you are getting X many of this role", nor am I at liberty to say when you’ll get what.

We’re going to have plenty of news to talk about between now and the first beta, and then we have additional beta phases after that. As players ourselves, both Jodie and I are eager to give all of you insight into what’s coming your way. We know there’s a desire for a more concrete roadmap, and that’s something Jodie and I will continue to convey to the team.

I hope it’s evident by now that when I come here with new information it’s always been verified and checked through multiple gates. I get being skeptical, and I get being guarded. If I’m here telling you something, it’s because there’s a high degree of confidence that it’s going to come to fruition.


they dont care about tanks and supports, if dps cant kill them 10/10 they want them gone


good, at least you give some updates on what you guys are working on.

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I am sure andy would, but remember what he said
everything he says about new info has been approved and verified multiple times

Shot in the dark, but are you allowed to say if Doomfist has been shifted into a new role? That was loosely mentioned by Geoff in the past, but never strictly confirmed I don’t think.

In the beta sign up, they mention Doomfist as one of the four reworks. We know that they intend to (or want to) try Tank-Doomfist.

Under context clues and simple piecing together given information, I would be led to assume that this is the case?

They can definitely look forward to more misery, more survivor’s guilt from losing teammates, less healing, and in general, fun times.


Yeah, I know that, but I just was wondering if he could 100% confirm it (which I doubt he is allowed, but figured I’d ask anyway). Super did kinda sorta say something on his stream the other day, but then walked it back because I think he didn’t realize he wasn’t supposed to say something.

True. The only thing I found was swiftly deleted saying that they removed Rising Uppercut in the Alpha build, but that’s mostly conjecture.

Honestly, if Tank-Doomfist is a thing, I’d like Meteor Strike to act more like Galio’s ultimate in LoL, but leaves “levitating” rubble that blocks damage in a ring.

What if I just say a random number like 4 and you simply reply with higher or lower :wink:



(sorry caps)

we know how you guys work…there might be a surprise three more heroes during the phases (maybe two)

by now i’d expected to see atleast 15 NEW heroes

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You know what would be hilarious surprise? If next beta has 3 DPS.


Good. Now we should just delete wholte Role Queue

Lol do you work for Blizzard?

Lol they said lots of things, but none of that is confirmed. :wink:

It’s called not kissing Blizzard’s butt like you love to do.

Lol you believe everything you read on the internet?

They had years to make new heroes. Having only one confirmed, especially a DPS hero, in the new beta is just super sad. Sorry! :blush:


It’s not easy to figure out, how to make tank/support suck, yet not make it too obvious :woman_shrugging: