And... we only get a DPS hero in OW2 Beta

I hope they do, then Blizzard will have no excuse to not change it.

The first beta test out of probably over a dozen is that important to you?


I’m glad you agree then. They should start with the content narrowed down like it currently is so that they get feedback in a constructive and productive order.

True, but it seems like they are going usual way. So soon after release they would have to start some kind of PR campaign to lure tanks and supports into game. Like it never even crosses their minds, that tanks and supports should be there first, so their main playerbase, DPS players, arrive to already prepared environment. Instead of high queue times right from the start, that can kill OW2 before it even gets any traction.


Yea there’s still Cass and Moira who were blocked out during that Ow2 thing the owl played, I definitely have my fingers crossed for Mercy it would be nice to try something new

i’m disappointed there will only be 1 new hero but there’s multiple betas so we’ll get more added (hopefully new tanks and supports)

Just to clarify something: Sojourn will be available in the first beta phase. As Aaron said, we’ll be having multiple phases of beta, and we are working on more, new, heroes for each role.




Andy, could you clarify (if you can, of course) - will the first beta be like what was previewed a while back and a number of heroes will be disabled, or will all current heroes be present in the game but in their potentially non-reworked state?

For example, if you’re reworking McCree to remove flashbang, will McCree be pickable in the early beta, or just disabled?

Thank you for the clarification Andy. I think most people heard that in Aaron’s dev update, but it was definitely missed by some.


Idk why you need to clarify this, Aaron literally and clearly stated this.

This community loves to not listen to what you guys tell us lol


The forum doomsayers refuse to listen to anything :laughing:


Are you able to confirm if there will be future beta phases available for console? It was expected, but I’m sad i can’t participate in this first beta as a PS4 player.

Not going to lie, I find it concerning that the verbiage is “we’re working on new heroes for the other roles.”

Are there actually heroes for tank/support that are done? It really does feel frustrating that the community has been asking for new tanks/supports for so long, and we still can’t have confirmation that they even exist.


Sorry Andy, but many of us are in the don’t believe it until we see it mode with overwatch.

For example, Aaron promised more communication. Just like he did last year and we didn’t get more communication. So until it happens it is all empty words.

On the bright side, OW2 PvP has looked horrible so far, so delay as much as you can I say. They’ve been doing great work in that regard so far.


So the fact that Blizzard employees are active in this forum and trying to help answer questions the best they can isn’t more communication?


I’m sure that you probably can’t share this info, but any sense of the number of new heroes planned for launch? Are we thinking 3? Or will it be closer to 10?

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there will be 69 new characters

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nice try :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if I understand the “multiple phases of beta” correctly. Does this mean the beta servers will only be online for a limited time and offline until the next phase starts? Because if I remember correctly the ow1 closed Beta got taken down once for several weeks to apply the progression system and stayed online (minus maintenance of course) until the open beta started.

(Sorry if the answer is obvious, I’m not a native speaker)

Are you able to provide any insight on the first beta selection process?

Is it randomized who gets picked?

Or is it based on whether or not you’re a big influencer/streamer/twitter/youtuber personality