Ping System coming to OW2

Also this takes away a great game play experience, like you know when you flanking as doomfist and only the enemy ana notices you, you can notice the terror in her eyes as she is wildly flailing for help.

Sometimes you can just be hiding behind and spamming hey there and see the ana keep looking behind instead of healing tanks desperate for help.

When you are in a games with people not in voice chat, the ping system will help a lot.

Five bucks they will be too oblivious to even notice the pings

I think there needs to be a few different pings to finally teach players focus fire. Pings for enemy at crit health, enemy out of position, enemy who has ult, one saying focus the healer for the love of god, etc.

Pings are good, anyway to convey information to your team in a quick and concise manner is a god send.

For example, imagine if everytime your teammates needed healing, they didn’t use the ping and instead went in voice comms and asked. Imagine how long it would take for you to identify who needs healing and where they are in comparison to the ping.

And it’s even more useful for pinging locations because now we won’t have to have a community-wide slang for different parts of different maps. I can’t count how many times I’ve said something like “Tracer in Blue” just for everyone else on my team to act like I’m speaking gibberish. Bring the ping.

There is strong spam prevention built in


Thank you for telling us that this exists, for a second there, i was was worried

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Is there a ban for ping system only. So that if we report misuse of the system they get banned from it?

why do people need pinging and minimaps? how slow are your matches.
the game is way too fast and its always super obvious what needs doing when.
they will add it, it will be useless, and it will be another thing bronze people wont be able to blame for why they cant climb.

I think its meant to help the lower sr players.

Hopefully there is a setting to turn it off

I think I’m mostly going to use it for whenever an enemy is flanking or to ping the position I want my team mates to go, for example if I’m playing tank and want my team to path a certain direction etc.

Depending on what pings we get, you could certainly organize your next push better. It often happens that you try the same push over and over again because you are so stuck. Pings could certainly ensure that you also want to try something else.

i dont know how i feel about this “ping” system either. we have enough clutter in the game as is. also everyone will be pinging different targets in random queue games. i see it being more useful with a stack group but with random players… nah lol

i mean will everyone be able to do it or a just a “designated” leader of the group like maybe the “tank”?

also will it act like walls where you can see the ping target anywhere on the map even through walls?

As someone who doesn’t use voice, a ping system sounds amazing!

Yeah the system itself is fine, but even in Apex it gets abused and spammed.
In OW the possibilities for trolling and griefing via ping are endless … and you have double the squad mates so OOF.

If the pings are simple, like the voicelines, it should be ok. Something like “Focus my target”, “Need help”, “position here” and thats it.

The big benefit Emongg (top 500 tank main, former pro player for Team Selfless) was pointing out for the ping system was that when someone calls out Reaper on the flank or whatever, the team will actually know their position.

It makes the callouts you are already making much better. And for people who aren’t in voice (something that still happens, even at the top of the ladder), it allows them to make meaningful callouts in a way that they simply cannot now.

Hell, pro players will often play on ladder without being in voice (because they just want to chill after scrimming and vod reviewing and everything else). Now those players can meaningfully communicate with their teammates.

The OW team have been talking about trying to implement a ping system for years at this point. I don’t think anyone doubted it’s value. They’ve just been working on getting it to a state in which it’s utility is maximized while the potential harm (spamminess mostly) is minimized.

I think it’s really exciting that they are at a state where they are comfortable rolling it out now.

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thats another problem. some heroes rely on uncoordination or confusion as well so this ping system will make some heroes more inferior than others. hitscans will be even more op with this new system as well maybe…

also i would hate to be pinged as sombra lol. i know it will go away when you restealth most likely but…


Not super useful? People have been asking for a basic ping system in overwatch for about 3 years now.

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He couldn’t :crying_cat_face:

He needs permission to share information with us.