Hope you didnt want to get into the BETA

Probably wants immediate beta access, upset content creators got a sign up form, which everyone can fill out, upset that Blizzard wants to promote their game via content creators. How dare they.


no, just want to know when to expect the “sorry beta is full” email

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Those folks make their living promoting Overwatch, it makes perfect sense they’d be first in line.


When the beta access closes. You’re not going to get one a month in advance when the signup phase is still in progress.

I don’t understand what the issue is. It’s likely that cc have a separate selection as do players amongst one another. Not every cc will get in, just like not every player will.

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I agree with you, but that doesn’t matter to me or my opinion that it is not a decision I respect. I understand why they do things I just don’t have to think they are cool for doing it.

I do not handle the beta invites for the broader community. That’s managed through another team and is well beyond the scale any one individual person could/should manage.

The creators who are signing up for beta access will not receive access any sooner than the earliest one of of you could potentially receive access, on April 26th, 2022.


I mean most of the time closed betas have you submit spec files so they can ensure you can run it, and give a timeline

Funny how you just completely ignored the point here and said something else nobody even fathomed was an issue.

At least until now. Now I’m kind of suspicious.


When’d you get yours Andy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you not read OP’s post to me? Because I just asked them what their issue was.

I do not believe I have read OPs post to you. I’m not even sure what that means. Are you not able to read it yourself? Do you not understand the implications and want me to explain it?

andy my only question is
why are you spending your tuesday night here?

I cannot believe the number of corporate apologists in this thread. You like being treated like a second class consumer? You enjoy it and applaud blizzard for treating others preferentially? The tone in this thread is of people screeching about SHAREHOLDER VALUE whenever it comes out that a company just laid off half their workforce or whatever. Guh.


around 10 months ago when I started at Blizzard


…bruh we are just pointing out that op is blowing up an issue
we aren’t apologize for anything
we are just pointing out that anyone can sign up right now


You’re not understanding why cc have some type of signup, and are annoyed by it as a consumer.

It sounds like you don’t want cc to have special signups, in case one gets in, claiming a spot you might think you deserved instead.

And the thread is just pointing out that some people are getting preferential treatment. And some people are making a declaration that they don’t agree with that. It didn’t need to be an argument, but I’m more than confident in my opinion so it’s no sweat off my back.

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can I just ask something?
why not invite people who will be showing the game off to people?
its not like they are stopping us from doing it, they are inviting like…100 people out of who knows how many “normal” players to be in the betas

Ah yes, because nothing says humanity like:



I perfectly understand why they give some people preferential treatment. I just don’t agree with it. I’m not “annoyed” I just don’t agree. It’s a really simple stance to take. Someone tells me a thing and then I don’t agree. I am not going to do anything about it beyond talk on the internet which is effortless. Especially since I can type very fast.

You are correct that I don’t want them to have special treatment. The reason is that is it less fair. I don’t care about getting a spot. I don’t even like Overwatch and wouldn’t care if it got deleted from existence tomorrow.

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