Kinda worried that Devs are not hyping June 16th enough

After three years of waiting, I’m not interested in being hyped, I want to see the work.

Apparently, blizzard agrees so that’s good.


Well you just got your own personal peep, so there you go.

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Hey, do you think you would consider doing community polls on the forums and look at the various feedback based upon the Duration of the account being factored in.

I think it would really open up a POSITIVE community relation again!

Oh and did they ever ask you to do a Yule Log for 2022 Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

We are 1 week away or so. They won’t start hyping it up until a bit closer maybe and even then I have said for a while now, expect basically nothing because we all know they will never ever truly do enough.

The next beta needs 3 new heroes 5+ new maps and comp to mean anything. What we might get is 1 new hero and 2 new maps, and it will still be qp only. :sleeping:

Not a data scientist, but forum polls are rarely useful data. They’re easily socially engineered and influenced by a small number of adamant voices

We have a User Research group whose job it is to perform blind and scalable measuring of sentiment and feedback, and present that information with as much personal bias stripped out as possible.

Forum, reddit, social media feedback is most useful as anecdotal evidence, and in some cases provides context in the form of volume of conversation. That’s not to say it isn’t useful; it’s simply more qualitative than quantitative


considering that we’ve been growing the team with the express goal of supporting both PVE and PVP, I would be tremendously surprised if it was scrapped


Not hyping up isn’t the same thing as communication.

Hyping up is more on the marketing side that serves no real purpose other than, you know, hyping up.


So… what happens on June 16th?

Last time Team 4 advertised an Overwatch event this far in advance, we got the Blizzconline 2020 event. They showed plenty of new content that day.

Expectations are high.

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You have made my day

National Fudge Day

Send Mackinac Island fudge please


Now I can not stress how important this question is:

Is there a dog in the story and can we pet him/her?

Sojourn has a very cute doggo. No word on snuggleability


You tell me, you’re the community manager.


Not sure if you can share this information but out of curiosity is the event next week a live stream? Or prerecorded like Blizzconline and more recently the Sojourn dev update?

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Casino mains RISE UP we are finally being appreciated for the amazing kit of casino which is the reason we main him!

Why does it look exactly like orisa’s dog then?

Just checking…has AndyB’s forum account been hacked?

We don’t hear from a Bliz person for weeks, and then we get like 20 messages, one asking for Fudge.

Or possibly he has come home pissed from the pub and just writing random stuff, I would do the same haha.

This is the only information I need.

Corps do some surprising things. But you have quite a bit more info than me obviously. As I said, I don’t think it will be, but it wouldn’t shock me. Being honest, very little shocks me in this world anymore.

Though did you see the questions a few posts above that random “never say never, anything is possible” comment? I honestly don’t care about the PvE stuff since it is very unlikely I will play it. I am though curious about those other questions.

Thank you.